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Contradiction defined is: 1) a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another. 2)a person, thing, or situation in which inconsistent elements are present. 3) the statement of a position opposite to one already made.

Now that you know we are all walking contradictions understand that money by it’s nature will create more contradictions. Choices have to be made that when money is not on the line you can easily say you wouldn’t do it. It’s alright but you have to hold onto something because people will do anything for money… except you if you listen to this podcast! ENJOY!


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  1. i feel you on this on freeman. When talked getting the bmw . I did the same contradicting thing just on a smaller scale. When got i first my vending machines set up this was the first time i had constant money coming in myl life. I always said to myself not to fuck off money. My dumb ass said to myself i desverse it. Ended spedning 500 bucks on shoes. i checked my self on spending since then. But i hope when i get to your level in the game make that dont that mistake and buy the new jaguar f type or the m6 because i felt like i earned it . cant be doing trick like that.

    and as far the three sins drugs ,hoes , drank. I do neither and i dont with fuck loose woman

    • Everything has a value and if it’s valuable to you it’s not clucking off your money. It’s just when you do it for the sake of others and not truly for you that it becomes sucker shit. I used to call it the frost. Frost: extra unexpected money from a deal that was the result of better terms or more money than I expected to get. That to me was my fvck off money as it wasn’t part of the plan.

      You’ll learn that those without money do things for a night aka club clothes. We want that long dough and we do it for a lifetime and that’s the yacht!

  2. I’m having a similar experience I’m in the process of purchasing a 2016 Camry. I saw a ton of cars I liked that looked better but I found a great deal on the Camry. I also checked the Consumer reports ratings and realized I’m doing the right thing (Plus Dollar 15 lol). I was going to cop something older but I want to try and work the Uber hustle so I need a car that’s not more than 5 years old. My old car nickle and dime me to death and was unreliable going long distances thus costing me money.

    • Bruh if you are doing it to make money I’m all for it. Most people are buying off of emotion you are using yours to make money. So Hustle young man Hustle!

  3. A much needed blogcast………”money morals will save & guide you” so many plugs in this one. Thanks for the energy bro.

    • People laugh or look at me funny when I bring up Morals when it comes to Money. Money has devils in the vicinity at all times so the only way you stay clean is to have another way of carrying yourself and operating.

      No matter what the Man who gets to the top will see a lot of sinful shit. The question is can you walk through the valley of death and still keep your head. I’ve seen enough stuff to do podcasts for the rest of my life and can you tell you I never participated in none of the devilish shit.

      You have to have something that separates you. In the Land of Devils, GOD looks totally different!

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