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In war one of the first things you do is cut off their supply of ammunition, food, water and the like. Next, you renegotiate with them for a surrender. Lastly, you say fvck it and you kill them all. We have been going at war all wrong and we have the history to know how to handle this problem. We don’t need to boycott the organization we boycott all that supply the organization. Without sponsors the life blood of the organization the organization will give in. If not threaten all who run with them the same fate as the idiot!



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  1. Freeman you always a see the real in a situation . i dont watch sports anyways , but i was one those people sayig dont watch the nfl and if you do are your coon. sometimes like you said in the noncents podcast stop fouscing the bullshit focus on the money when focus only money always find a soultion. i gotta stop going on social media and watching news. and start forming my own opnions , dont let them influence my opnion . Just chop it with like minded people like you , king jae and other like minded people. everytime i talk with yall , yall lead me wrong

    Final though if we just focused on buliding , stacking and gettibg power. Instead of what trump is doing some war or who fucked who. We would be out our sitution in less 15 years or less

    • It’s money and the NFL is big business so it’s big money! I think people don’t assess their enemy and determine how they eat. So instead we start this shame them into submission but this is a racial divide issue so the whites so they don’t see it as human rights.

      I try to breakdown all the BS so I can ignore it faster. If I dismiss it someone will ask me what do I think. The whole exercise keeps me sharp but all this is just B.S.

      Trump will be Trump and you can ignore him too. There’s nothing you can do about what he does but you got 100% say and control on what you can do. So why give even 1% to Trump?

  2. Brother freeman, You came strong once again but these brainwashed wannabe accepted by the white folk’s black Americans have brought into the system. 85% them don’t want true freedom they just want to be liked and famous, recognized and entertained. To truly do for ourselves means sacrificing our comfort, stability and or giving certain things up altogether, possibly even our own lives. How can we ever expect equality with the same people who once owned, brought and sold our ancestors. It’s like Your dog or cat you own and control them, you tolerate them and provide food and shelter for them but they can never be your equal. Just imagine at one time we as proud black men and women built empires and civilizations, But now we have been reduced to begging for another man to accept us and put us on. How much lower can we go?

    • When you’re young you just want to do something because you got the energy. When you become wise you evaluate everything on the effectiveness of it because you don’t want to waste your energy. So in this situation you show a public disgust and they allow you to throw your tantrum and be quiet. Fvck up the way they eat and they will go outside to explain to the world that they are indeed good people.

      Just remember those who have been denied automatically want to be accepted. Only a few of us don’t want to be accepted. If you keep doing the least and the weakest and something that doesn’t offend or threaten anyone you’re bound to have a crowd.

      The separation has started amongst Black folks. The same separation that started the Civil Rights era is revving up again. You have associations where we carry guns. You have Black dominant conversations which are unapologeticaly Black. You have a big push to do for self and it’s now the response to racism instead of the old shit of praying.

      Like Gil Scott Heron said the revolution will not be televised.. it will be the change of the minds. And, those who are not with it will one day wake up on the wrong side of the issue. We are watching this right now.. as the weakest angle will always be publicized but, the real is bubbling right behind the bullshit!

  3. Good insight, Freeman. Buying Kap’s jersey in support is all good, but you’re still supporting the same league that you’re trying to “protest.”

    Like you, I think dude might as well stayed at the 49ers and took the extra $25 mil he was contractually owed. It’s not like he retired and was looking to be done. He could’ve stacked up another $25 milion while continuing his protest. Besides, he’s still in free agency with no guarantee of being signed. Might as well have stayed and collected a check with no expectations and no free agency hassle.

    You nailed the warfare piece. You cut off supply lines and routes. You make it as uncomfortable as possible for the enemy to fight before the physical warfare even starts to really ramp up. So by the time it does start to get ugly, they’re already losing. Because they’re running low on supplies and cannot sustain battle.

    Same goes for the NFL. Cut off their supply lines. All the stadium sponsors. All the paid advertisers. Hit those entities in the pockets because they’re the ones who actually pay the bills. Not the NFL. Kap would be on a team by end of training camp with a nice Jay Cutler sized one year deal.

    And then buy all the Kap jerseys you want LMAO

    • Bruh we have no plan and then the plan is called a Protest. A protest comes after you implement the war strategies. We already threaten their sponsors then we threaten the weakened NFL by saying we’ll take this shit to the streets and we’ll drag your sponsors out too. Now the mfer will have to think of long term ruining of their name. Then the shit will be over..

      Where the fvck is Jesse Jackson when you need him! He is the absolute master of these tactics.

  4. i see why you focus on the money nad building . paying attention to whats going on in the world the latest tredning story is a drain on your body and mind. And when you look . you know everything that is happing in the world , but you are still in same place you statred .Except now your an intelligent broke motherfucker.

    off topic what you think of this show american greed i know i am late . I fucks with it . you see how these dudes fuck everything up from being greedy and mess up the entire operation. It shows being greedy and fucking people over on there chips never goes well.

    • That’s my late night show to watch if I’m up late. It just lets you know a lot of people are dicking you and some are just greedy. The more money you have the less you can keep track of it and the more swindlers are knocking at your door. It’s a good show for really recognizing how much money is really out there in the world.

  5. Hey DF any advice for someone starting over from scratch? Getting divorced and moving to another state with little more than a backpack and a duffle (she’s taking the car).

    • Bruh remember who you were before the divorce. Most of the time you sacrificed for the family and the marriage which is what you’re supposed to do. Now that the responsibilities are just you go hard for what you wanted to be. Now if what you wanted to be time has past then go for the business that hires what you want to be. If we can’t be it anymore then we should own it so we can make money doing the things we like to see and feel.

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