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Don’t die for them… make sure you were willing to die with or without them.  Success attracts the unsuccessful and the cowardice. If you don’t watch your ego someone will elevate you high enough to take a bullet to the head. Really pay attention to why people are asking you to lead them because it’s just a unnatural proposition for most people. If you aren’t walking that way in the first place then don’t take what they’re offering. When a person sets you up for a fall and you’re strong enough to survive you still don’t win. There is no alliance between a person who manipulates you so they won’t take a fall.


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  1. Brother FreeMan, I was just having a conversation about this to a couple of my friends over the weekend lol. People always try to use you to fight their battles. As my father would tell me “Don’t get used for the game, use the game.” I am a new listener, and I predicate you sharing viable lessons of the game to us.

    • Welcome! It’s manipulation of a man’s ego … and even I have to watch what people are asking me. We are the goose who lays the golden egg and they’ll have us producing whatever outcome for them for a name!

  2. You ain’t never lied FreeMan; this shit is so cold these guys will burden you for the rest of your life just to make sure you stick around and produce x times for them.
    I was watching a documentary on world war 2 the other day, about the allies landing in Normandy. As the boats backed up on the beach, soldiers could hear the bullets ricochet off the wall and there was a 100% chance that the first two rows were gonna die without seeing any fighting. The narrator made it sound like it was some grandiose gesture; they were the shields for their partners etc. The only thing I could think of was look at this 20y dude enlisting with dreams of glory and ending up dead without realising that this is essentially an argument between a dozen of cats that could just “duke” it out in a room.

    • When you are desperate and have a ego people manipulate you. The hooker needs money and the young man needs recognition. People who offer any of those two make money off of a dummy.

      Long story short you can convince any young man that they are courageous for dying for a cause. The young men are soldiers and the old men are generals.

  3. I’m still young in the game but had to listen close to this one. I got introduced to the R&G not too long ago and got brought in on that Passion for the Chip$ episode. I don’t have any OGs or family to lace me so I thought I’d ask here:

    I’m in school now but if I’m being real, I’m bored. I set up a Alibaba store and saw some return but I’m still bored. After I graduate, I’m undecided on further education or taking some of the money I’ve squared away and open a business of some sort.

    I know a lot people are stuck on “what should I do?” but not me; I know that if I learn the tactics and focus on the technique I can do damn near anything or as you say “be sugar to the game”. I wish I could say that the money intrigues me but I see it as being the means to an end (like you said in the book, square away my house, car and other small things) but then what?

    I know this line of thought is wild because I’m not unmotivated to do anything, It’s little more than a process and to sum it all up I guess I’m asking because I think you’ve been there FreeMan; isn’t making money supposed to be fun? I’m not finding any enjoyment in any of it and I’m just following through the motions because in all honesty, what else am I supposed to do?

    • Once you square away the foundation you get to decide what you want to do. I got to the end of my journey of struggling and really sat down and changed my focus. I started the R&G and have been more about creating whatever comes to my mind. Really my focus has become helping others see what I see and get there faster.

      All I can really tell you is get to the end of the road. Until you get everything squared away you think you know the end but the end is the end not a thought. You are speculating like tomorrow is promised and this money is promised but many a fool predicts the future.

      How are you going to know if a goal is enough until you get there. So with that said get to the mountaintop and you’ll have a whole new perspective. Also, the reason why money isn’t fun is because you’re making it off of someone else.. when you actually come up with your own business from your original thought you’ll be happier because money is the byproduct of your genius!

  4. I go to as many sucker meetings as I can….with a food truck for when it starts and ends. I learned from you…BUBBLE ON THE LOW. If people know my social/political views, I’ve talked to much. When they ask me about business, I tell them someone else is the owner. I even complain like an average sucker as to not draw further questioning or solicit any “networking” opportunities.

    • Play a Sucker to catch a Sucker… I think that’s in 48 laws of power. I just don’t talk to too much of anyone unless they are in a circle that I need advice or feedback from. Money isn’t a community endeavor it’s a solo endeavor so you only seek attention and thus envy if you like to show and tell.

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