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How can a square understand something round? What I’m getting at is how can someone who champions what they read in book fully understand and appreciate someone original? How can they question the credentials of mfers who live it? How can they ask for proof of education when the education they are teaching ain’t in them books? The audacity of these square mfers to question anyone who brings originality to light when these bitches are scared to walk down the street after dark!


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  1. I hate conmenting b4 hearing it, but because I been laced by the School of Freeman, I always have an inkling of the topic at hand lol

    Like when you’ve managed restaurants but douchebags ask if you have a culinary diploma. Like wtf for man I need a piece if paper that says I can slice 20 tomatoes in 5mins gtfoh lol. But then you say pass me a knife and I’ll show you-they fall back lmfao…

    • Exactly! People with no damn clue are asking for credentials. In this case we got people thinking they are saving the race from frauds. Their only qualification is they graduated from college and don’t know shit about shit!

      • Hahaha aw man I didnt expect this one. That whole thing is crazy how those lames did that man. See the thing is, Umar actually making MOVES while the lames are the lucky ones who could manuever. See I cant even say lucky because they all kiss ass and bend back while the rest of us side step climb in windows and STILL say F it I gotta just build it-and thats just the BEGINNING! smh lol. I SWEAR I wish he just fronted them off like “Y’ALL AINT BUILT SH$#T! You BARELY own ya car! I bet ya suit is rented! Gtfoh you a 50yr old journalist not even a publisher yet?! Where’s ya manager?!”

        Then all the goofies take time after their 37.5hrs to check on his credentials because they can’t understand how he came up with a plan to kill off his student loans by simply CREATING a sitiation to GIVE OUT student loans…man I dont like them types…

        Like man they let Umar on there because he’s articulate and professional and don’t want young cats like me to pay attention and respect him-or Floyd(NEVER lost STILL no statue and gotta fight that photocopy clown)-or Waka(for going vegan etc)-or Dame(for not letting leaches eat off his people and pushing independance).

        Like they talk about how he and many other black titans buy nice things or hit the strip club or whatever they do with THEIR money. Like them nerds wanna verify his credentials but not put ONE DIME in the school fund.

        Man I can go on but you already knowin lol

  2. off topic from the podcast i got a question. i did what you said and found a blood lab the at gives money for blood and also gives money for bone marrow and white blood cells. made about damn near 3 bands in the last 5 months doing it. Told my brother about . Then he start telling to stop becasue they could give a dirty needle or what have basically discouraging from doing it anymore. I hung up ,AND HE TOLD MY DAD AND he is now putting fearr into my heart. from now on should i just keeps things to myself and not tell them what i am up to. Its like shit i looked up the bloodlab its legit easy money . i do not understand there problem

  3. its like shit i am 21 i dont drink i dont smoke do not party . just out finding like you said unorthdox ways to make money

    • Young homie that blood hustle is a like a I’m going broke angle not just to be used as part of your portfolio. So lets break it down… 1st… keep the angles to yourself until you have advanced past them. 2nd…. family is concerned about your health so if you don’t have to do it that way don’t do it that way.

      You are trying to make it look like they don’t understand money and they don’t! But, they don’t want you doing some ho shit in order to make money. So you are beyond giving blood so keep that as the recession special homie and go fish.

      Remember the lowest way a person can make money is with their body .. ie hookers then laborers. So since you have chips you make the products produce and let your mind innovate the game.

  4. yeah I notice when you tell family your plans the tend to see what can go wrong instead of what can go right. I am doing the blood just cause it does not take any time and is easy money. I still have my vendingvv machines going. But like you told me a couple months ago that I outgrew it and I need to grow and go bigger and try differ things sicne I got more money stacked up. honestly I just been scared like bitch to make that next move. I don’t know sometimes I feel had I not grown up in the suburbs with a middle class family and grew up in the hood or inner city. I would have more bcasue there would be a need for me to go harder. like I here in you casue of your circumstances you go harder. But i grew up comfortable i feel that fucks me up and growing up in these burbs with people just wanting a job. I notice when i am in Oakland of sf. I feel that energy or fast paced envoremnt . I just see money and what i can have.

    Sorry for the rant freeman i cannot talk to my family or friends like this or express so i chop it up with you because you understand

    • Yep, you didn’t grow up in the hood so you don’t have that survival hunger so you have to tap into another one. Now most people just want to beat other people and that’ll work until you’re around 30. Next people use the I just want to get secured and that lasts until 50. Finally they use the I don’t give a fvck and I want to build a island and that’s til they die. Now me I’m on island phase EARLY because I realize these people don’t know shit.

      Now the fear part is you thinking too much. You put money into the angle and you perfect the steps and you present the product. I got something that I’m finishing right now and I don’t know if it’s going to work at all but it will be out by the end of the month. I have a plan on how to get it out, I asked folk in the game what do they see and finally I said this is about as good as I can make it. If you stop worrying about winning and worry about presenting you won’t have any fear.

      It’s the process, then the product then the presentation… fvck the person! So if you remove yourself and any emotional feelings you have you’ll be knocking them down. Just pick one and go young homie!

  5. Miguel I hope you see this…But why not parlay your vending machine into instant delivery like Ubereats. Or corporate catering. There’s tons of copy software that handles all the backend stuff. People download your app and get whatever’s on the menu dropped off for 5 or 10 or a %…Since its your inventory, customers pay you to delivery your own stuff that you make margins on…I’m already doing something else so I’m tossing it out there. Like those companies dont seem to have all the expenses that regular stores and restaurants have because they charge vendors a %, then charge customers a fee for delivery. Drivers pay their own expenses. All you pay for is advertising and software maintenance..etc…

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