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If you found a 1910 dollar bill would you look it up to see if it’s worth more than a dollar? If all it was worth was a dollar wouldn’t you still spend it? If you handed it to someone else like your child or even a bum wouldn’t they take it with a smile? So how can anyone with a idea that is supposedly old or others told you time has passed think that it’s too late?

In this new age of digital technology people love to bring up how you need to rush to bring things into being otherwise you’ll be too late and the so- called time has passed. But, our ideas or like sugar to the game at what point do you really think sugar won’t be valuable?



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  1. Man TRUST me! I’m sittin on a few stealth bombers right now. As this current one grows I’ll be funneling funds into the other one and keep it going like that. A couple are a few years old but I’m still adding vendor suppliers to my list, I’m still looking for innovative ways to bring it out. I got the concept down. The math down. When I have time I’m going to get the graphics down. And when I got it all put together I’m diving in! I used to think it was a waste of time asking random people “how much for wholesale how much for flyers how much how much?!”
    Now 3 yrs later all that random stuff is coming together.

    Its funny how in high school it was quick flip season but this business growth thing sometimes seems slow, but its no risk and lasts long!! It just takes a minute at first because it gotta be put together right…

    • You wouldn’t believe how many domains I have sitting in the queue waiting for the time I can focus on them. People say man you’ve been talking about that for years but they don’t realize it’s still viable. One day soon I’ll have a team of people bringing all my ideas into being but today they are fleshed out and waiting for daylight.

      Bruh we are building something not flipping something. When you make that transistion the world gets slower because you simply aren’t worried. You have time to allow a idea to marinate until you can actually capitalize on it. So what the Sucker believes is time going by is actually just you determining when you have the knowledge, time and energy to bring it into being!

  2. I have a few ideas that I’m working on. Bought the domain names. Priced out the websites and features I would need. Some are taking time due to needing more capital to be saved up. Others are taking time due to just needing more time to marinate. But they’re in the pipeline while I continue to build up more and more projects.

    Hell, I keep license applications and corporation papers on my laptop just in case I ever need to print, sign and send for a new idea.

    It seems everybody thinks that you’re not working unless they can see the thing right in front of them. Like if they don’t see Facebook, then it will never be. But Facebook was created years before it was on everybody’s computer and phone.

    Besides, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Some things can be online within a day or week. Some things take more time to bring into existence. It’s all about volume when it comes to the streams of income.

    Like your nephew and his friends, a lot of people are looking for the grand slam or nothing at all when it comes to money. While some of us are looking to piece together the runs. Either way, we still crossing home base.

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