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Most of us will never find our true talents as talents are discovered by doing not trying. Those who give up on finding a talent become the critics and overall haters of anyone with a talent. Sometimes it gets brutal and downright evil as they start to believe their talent is shitting on you. It all starts around  30 years old where you describe your talents in textbook ways of being reliable, punctual and even helping the next generation. When you were younger your talents were related to your ability to gain something whether it be money, women and even the answers to a test.

This shift in thinking about what you are talented in and what talents really are is what makes the talentless the biggest Hater in the world today! ENJOY!


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  1. It’s funny when you think about the reality of talent, if it exists at all. There are a couple really good books about this subject (Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and Angela Duckworth’s Grit) that debunk the idea of ‘the natural’. Yes, some are born 7 feet but look at dudes like Spud Webb and the new Isiah Thomas; they, by most accounts, should’ve given up a long time ago but didn’t.

    One of the world’s favorite painters, Bob Ross, said himself multiple times that he had no talent in painting and that talent is nothing but pursued interest. Hell, even Nietzsche wrote about not great men doing great things in Human All Too Human.

    Haters are really those that have become bitter because they’ve failed at learning how to pull back on the end result and focus on the many individual efforts that make up a great action.

    • I like the pursued interest angle as I always tell people I was just willing. No secret no spevial talent I can think of besides accepting whatever was on the road to my own.

      We have to understand there are millions of people who are underachievers and if tjey arent at least comfortable they are natural born haters. A typical fan will turm on you for not recognizing them. Such is life!

  2. Whatup fam!
    Great podcast as usual, I have a question somewhat related to talent; how do you handle pushing multiple products/services at the same time? in terms of time and mental space. I ran into this new age 3Ps and 4Fs guru, who from all appearances checked out of the game. He felt the need to come tell me: hey you doing too much, you should practice, I quote “start-up monogamy”. My rude self was going to answer what does it matter if I have x products as long as I’m making sure I’m executing properly but I checked myself. On the drive back, my folks who witnessed the convo were like he had a point no wonder you are on E.
    I am still discounting it all as some nonsense or subtle form of hate but it got me curious do you have an approach to operating multiple businesses?

    • I do web design, run a blog + podcast and sell via Alibaba with a full-time gig. None of the side hustles make enough to go full-time but because they make money for me, they deserve attention. To answer your question from my POV, initially all you have is time and effort. When you make a dollar, you give that angle a little more time and effort. When it makes several dollars, you ramp up the time and effort. If it slows down, give it a little less time and effort and focus on the moneymakers that are still popping.

      Like FreeMan said in the podcast, you won’t know what works until it does. Until then, consider it ramping up. Keep going until you’ve done everything you can think of and movement is completely out of your hands and then put it down and try something else. Don’t fall in love with any angle and don’t be sad if you have to drop it.

      One last thing to think about: Tim Duncan is widely considered one of the greatest Power Forwards in NBA history (19 seasons with the same team) and his nickname is ‘The Big Fundamental’. There are players wildly better than him in every category and stat but you know what made him stand out when flashier players didn’t?

      He understood that working on the baseline skills until you were the best of your ability is what people would at first appreciate and then later covet because day in, day out he was there. He knew doing all the fancy stuff would shorten his career and just about everyone he came into the league with has been traded around like cattle and likely retired due to their bodies being broken down. He did what was necessary and no more. His contracts were what he needed and no more. He knew if he took less money, the team would prosper meaning more money on the back end.

      I say all that to say if you have one hustle, work that one hustle. If you have many, work each to the best of your ability while measuring both efficiency and efficacy. That’s how you’re able to pivot and over time you’ll begin realizing what opportunity in each angle looks like so you can pounce on it. At the same time you’ll realize when it isn’t working and get out quicker than most and take less loss.

      Check out Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink! if you haven’t already, it talks in-depth about what gut feelings and instinct’s truly are and how, when everyone else believes you’re a ‘natural’ or ‘lucky’ you’re really someone who has honed his analytical ability to a point it looks effortless.

    • If one is not way better than the other and if it doesnt really bother you do both. We are in this to make money and the more a customer can choose from in the market the better.

      Also remember you are the maker and the owner if that person isnt cut from the same cloth or the hustle isnt similar that mfer talking about what he read now what he knows. Really homie you the one doing it everyone else is a spectator a monday morning quarterback a tourist.

      Its good that you took it in and listened but once you smell shit let it go.

  3. Excellent podcast! I completely agree, your haters come once you’re really an adult, in your 30s. But the upside is that they matter a whole lot less. Because by then you should figure out the fact that if they cant’s hurt you (not just your feelings) or help you, they don’t matter. And most people just don’t matter.

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