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Nothing transforms a person faster than someone pretty much holding someone’s hand through this life. Every other form of transformation by inspiration and even by blueprint is left up to chance. With that said how can one give the least and expect the most? How can you think just by informing someone that it was all they needed? Always keep in mind how long it took you to change when you got new knowledge and give that back in turn when you give game to others! ENJOY!


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  1. That whole ‘I got it on my own, go get it on yours’ angle, especially when dealing with your sons and daughters, is wack and lowkey jealousy and envy because it’s almost like they’re angry the kid might possibly do better than them or won’t have to go through the struggling they’ve gone through.

    • Its stupid to not pass on the wisdom to your own kin. Some people are just selfish and that doesnt have anything to do with age.

      It sets us all back by making us repeat the same lessons over and over.

      • That brings me to the idea of ‘take a horse to water’; being an auto mechanic with one shop ain’t sexy to a lot of people, especially kids. How would you pass game on to a local young’n that while you may not ball out at the level he’s at, you can eat with?

        I say that to say I believe a large part of the problem is seeing the process: planting that seed, carefully tending the crop and then seeing the apple tree blossom with fruit isn’t really shown in the hood man. It’s either you got the dough right now or you a dusty bum.

        • We have to start teaching a helluva lot earlier. A 10 year old has all the time in the world. That same kid at 16 dont have the time nor the mind.

          You teach from the 4th grade to the 8th when they hit high school they not on that.

          You dont have to convice a kid theres money it as he’ll sweep up hair in the barbershop for a free lunch and 5bucks. I did!

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