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It’s the new buzz word since everyone is making money except you. It’s the cheat code to the game as all you have to do is put your money in and sit back and be smart while the shit doubles and triples. Are you the only person not investing well my friend lookey here lookey here because you can’t miss.  I’m a picker, you’re a picker don’t you want to pick a winning stock too?

As money rises Suckers get enticed by giving money to others instead of their own hustle. It’s saying it’ll double in their hands cuz FreeMan I don’t know what to do with it. I think I should replay this podcast every time the economy goes up to new highs. Like a dog in heat there’s a lot of people looking for a way to get fvcked! ENJOY!


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  1. I always felt like the stock market was pretty much rolling the dice myself…

  2. Yeah you right af Freeman!

    In college I dabbled in silver and flipped a few hundred but needed the money because I aint have any to stash yet. I thought it was flippin but really it was sitting for months… I tried stocks when studying Rockstar entertainment when before GTA5 came out and made a bit when it released…but then put some bread in a energy penny stock and lost dat shit lmfao. Im STILL pissed man I shouldve hit the Nino and bet on red and made my money that damn night! Smh sittin for 4 months hopin I come up $200 lmfao…lol

    But now when I REALLY think about it, the best investments I EVER made was buying 100 fitted hats for $12each and pushin em for $20. Wtf I need to be investing in some other dudes company for man! When I learned that companies go public and when people buy shares then that company takes that money and uses it for inventory and research and equipment etc, I said man I need to invest in MY OWN R&D, MY OWN equipment MY OWN logistics etc..That’s why I take notes of what machines I can start with, what ones I can get later after grindin for a minute, what suppliers I can contact when I got the stash to buy bigger etc…

    Oh MAAAAAAN but you missed the BIGGEST con tho! “Invest in yourself! Buy my $2000 coaching and invest in yourself!” When I hear dudes say THAT?! smfh lol…You tellin me give YOU $2K to teach me how to get my business started?! smfh But people fall for it everytime man!

    • I don’t even bother talking about the send me money to make money angle. If you’re a sucker for that send me some money to make money. Stay tuned every podcast gets you closer to being a made man! LOL

      Homie if you think about it 3% of 100,000 is only 3 thousand! That means no one that you know in the stock market is making any kind of money and they are all liars! Now if you day trade and you are constantly flipping then the game you’re in has volume and flipping going on. But the majority of people are happy to hold nothing and act like they have something!

  3. I’ve routinely had this conversation with cats my age and older and they are HEAVY on the investment talk, yet they never thought to invest in themselves. Black men kill me with thinking they understand things without ever having those same things they speak on.

    As usual you hit this one right outta the park Freeman.

    • Homie it’s like eat your vegetables. A saying that holds no context but everyone pulls it out of their ass when they want to sound smart. If anyone does the math you’ll see we don’t have enough money to play that game.

      Instead the 300 you waited 1 year for could’ve been earned in a week or two with your own courage. It’s totally possible to be a educated fool!

  4. yeah my uncle was telling about stocks saying if you bought this share of apple 7 years agoyou would have this much. I’m thinking dude that was then this I now. The only I messed was the bonds and that’s cause of you told me about it other than the I bonds everything should go into building now . something you own and see and makes cents$

    • Bonds are no risk that’s why I push them so hard… the guarantee not the dream.

      We all wish we would’ve won the lottery 7 years ago but we didn’t. So if a mawfvcker says I wish I had the lottery numbers back in 2010 you’d be like are you stupid!

  5. Damn, when I think about your really right. I’ve known cats to make it to the league I’ve known some to make it on the illegal side but I ain’t never known anyone to make it purely off of investments. But that is what is always pushed down people’s throats. I can understand using it to save some money to a point. Its interesting how certain aspects of the game are prompted and other aspects are somewhat ignored.

    • They want you to give your money to someone else. If they get enough Suckers they have a mutual fund. Fans to money always want to be part of the game even if it’s just cheering another mawfvcker get rich. Investments in stocks are just stupid for the man who doesn’t have enough money to play.

      Think about it if you bought a rundown house in the hood for 5k, fixed it for 10k and rented it for 1k a month. 1. You own the house and the land. 2. You get all your money back in about 15 months. 3. You can use the equity to buy another house. 4. You have a place to stay if you lose everything.

      Now ask yourself what mawfucker with 15k would say let me get 3% cuz I own a part of Nike! Mawfvckers are delusional and stupid to this chip game.

  6. Uh..So am I a sucker for giving u 20 for Reachfolk? Just curious… Technically I invested in your thing where as you said you wouldn’t invest in another man’s thing..So are you dissing the people that donated to you as well? Need a clear understanding of your reasoning here.

    • No cuz the donation was an exchange for the forthcoming book and I even said when it’s up I’ll refund everyone their money. So it’s not give me money and hope there’s a product and a promise of repayment.

      When investing in stocks you are giving your money away with no promise or a product you’re just giving money in and hoping it increases enough that you can cash out or hold on. You are betting on someone else turning a penny into a C-Note!

      That’s the difference.

  7. Lol man how come nobody says “If you flipped $300 into $900 and kept doin that shit everyday 7 yrs ago….” lmfao

  8. Well I don’t agree totally. If you educate yourself you can make money from stocks. You just need to know when to buy.

    Buying bank stocks when they were dirt cheap after the recession (i.e yr 2008-2009) could have made you money.


    Buying VISA when it first went public.

    The best time is investing in a well known company when it first hit the market. I speak from experience.

    For the average cat that has discretionary income, that does not have real estate or a business, stocks is not a bad option just take calculated risk.

    • Well you are speaking from a educated POV. You have a time to buy and why and heres what to look for. Thats differe t feom Blacks need to invest…..????… in what?

      The masses dont have enough money nor experience to entertain the thought

  9. hey freeman i no its month after you did this podcast but thanks intake podcast. For the last month i cut down how much news and social media i use . i u se to be one of those people that when tragdedy happen in the black commiunty like someone getting shot by the police or something racist happen. I would one social media hours looking at he story and other other people comments. Now since i listend to that podcast i started to ween my self form doing so . I still know whats happening but i do not harp or look at for hours i stART TO FEEL HOPELESS ANS SCARRED .

    how did you know you should mange your intake of the news . What said man i need to chill and not get caught up and keep grinding

    • I wantws to be 100% focused about my chips so if they werent talking about money I ruled it out.

      I treat the news like waiting on the traffic and weather. I need to know how it effects my day so if it doesnt effect my hustle i turn the shit off.

      Education tella you to be informed… but informed of what? Shit you can do absolutely nothing about. So treat all news kike the weather and traffic aka 1 minute of attention.

  10. Thsnkd for the reply. Yeah we as black folk cosume so much news We get caaghut in the prolblem and not the soultion. Instead of watching news about the of fovuduing o some whats going in the world we need on getting our ecnmoy toghther and prtectig . If we focused on that than other non productive or proactive bullshit .We not be hearing about people getting abused or shot by the po po . Becasue we would have our ecomony and would make sure that shit would not fly. as i get older i still keep see whats going but i am not going be looking at all day.

    I need focus on building and stacking not cry or get fear in my heart about the latest tradgy .

    Again thanks freeman for helping understand whats important to focus..
    I know you say it was already in me . But you and you podcast brung out of me much earlier than it poraby would have .

    Sorry the long post and rambling

  11. Off topic but relevant: in a podcast a long while back you said that the key was to be cold to the game; I think you said something like “cold like cash in a vault” or something similiar. My question is when you say that, do you mean not falling in love with any one angle? Seeing all interactions as transactions and doing what’s necessary to get the deal done and going home?

    I ask because I’m learning that including people in your hustle on the ground floor isn’t panning out and it seems as though it’d be better to be like “hey, want to make some money? Just do x and you’ll make y” and save the empire building vision for my own enjoyment.

    …oh snap, did I just explain what having a job was?

    • I mean that as get used to just doing the transaction and concentrate on the volume of getting things done. No highs no lows just getting things done. Some people make stripes in the lawn but most people just cut the grass. In this game people can make it look like something special but Wal-Mart just sells cheap shit all day everyday.

      You shouldn’t be looking for a partner in this game instead look for vendors to this game. It’s your vision and your mission everyone else if not married to you are not going to pull their weight. There is only one chief but millions of indians!

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