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The game is a lot to everybody and a lot of people want to get out. They want to get out of the constant pressure to suceeed, create, adapt, innovate and even just be there to receive money. What they don’t realize is when they ask to get out they are walking away from more than they’ll ever know. They’re walking away from freedom, helping their family, getting their children out of slavery, better health, better food and a whole bunch of things money affords you. I know it’s scary and you might not think it’s in you to be a killer but don’t ever ask to be let out of the game that delivers us from what we have been burdened with. ENJOY!


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  1. Okay omay I got it man I’m gonna stop bitchin to myself about working 8-10 hour days, parking tickets and traffic as well as putting in another 3-4 into this business I’m building especially when my suppliers actin funnystyle about prices but I gotta deal with this idiot because my money ain’t enough to go overseas YET(can’t fucking wait!).

    I got it man let me stop cryin and keep grindin lol

    • Just keep trucking homie and how you feel don’t matter. We are trying to make a money making machine and emotions don’t fuel it.

      • So true man!
        I remember when you said “They can see you comin homie!” Like when I left the one dude’s warehouse, he was acting like he had a bad taste in his mouth. He wanted my website name and number etc but was reluctant to give me a price list. He thought I wanted his supplier list when I asked for prices like wtf naw idiot I already know how much they cost I just want a retail price list and some pics. Dude said “take a pic with your phone”. He wouldnt even give me pics of his products but he supposed to be my supplier?! lol. Like I’m trynna do straight business and he’s acting paranoid-screw him.
        Funny enough I found a better supplier that can give me good prices until I can do my own thing.

  2. Freeman thanks for this one gonna have this on repeat. On a another note . I got question and comment . How do you keep the ambition and hustle going and still stay hungry. I feel like i lost that little bit. Let me put it this way . I am 21 I found you podcast when i was 18. Back when i first started listing to you, it was like being awaked from the matrix. I saw everything after hearing you. And my mind was going crazy i was reading books back to back, looking people who invented or own big companyes. back then i was doing anything money cutting grass .selling caandy , even piciking up cans. You helped start my vending machine hustle. But know even i still have that veding thing going and donating blood . I have more money know. But i feel i do ot have that thing i once had when i first heard . Is that me just growing as a person with the and using knowledge in a differnt way or am i becoming lazy or slacking off. like i said i have more money , but i feel something is missing .

    Sorry the log post been having this on my mind the last 6 months .

    • You have outgrown your hustles mentally. It’s time to challenge yourself in a small business arena. Up the money from hundreds to thousands now. Extend yourself to opening up a reason to have a office.

      You have the seed money to go bigger but you are stuck feeling I’m doing good. You probably are thinking I’m doing good for my age. The goal ain’t to be the top 21 year old the goal is to master the hustle to a point where you don’t work for anything. The ultimate goal is to bring things into being with your mind not with your hands.

      So to answer your question.. you have mastered the small hustles that awakened you to what you could really. Now it’s time to set a new target armed with the knowledge you know how to make money whenever you want.

      You went from the How question! How do I make any money?
      To the Why question! Why not try it and see if it works?
      To the I’m supposed to question? I’m supposed to be going bigger than this small shit.

      Your hustle/business has to increase with your maturity in the game.

  3. Thanks man. I have been feeling this way for a while. i got to challegne my self more. Sometimes i am afraid to fail and look stupid in front of my family. But sometimes i feel i need to ignore what they think and push foward . Thats is one thing i feel that holds me back there opnion. Most times i just do things without telling anybody because i know the gonna come with ghost stoires of how that is bad or not gonna work. Another thing is money ,but fuck it I go close to 11grand stacked right now and i am cheap ass. I should start risking more to win big . Even if lose money or fail i can learn from it .

    Last thing while trying to figure out what i should do next should keep the vending thing going . It is not much upkeep just refilling it every 3 days thats it. Or just stop it alltoghther.

    Lastly thanks freeman if did not find you. Id still be a slave living for the weekend like everybody else.

    But you have taught so much . And now i know i have to stop being scared and challenge my self more. Hell how else am i going to millionaire., playing the lottery lol
    ps. sorry the misspelling or fucked up structure

    • Keep the vending machine hustle and in fact grow it as it doesn’t seem to bother you at all. Realistically you won’t fail as you aren’t starting businesses that won’t work. Every business you have to figure out how it makes money and then how much energy it takes to get that dime.

      You don’t have to thank me as you were looking for something and you found the R&G. If not the R&G you would’ve found something or someone else. Those of us who got out looking for things will always find it.

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