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I had the honor and privilege to be on the Business Bully Podcast the other day. David Anderson and I went over a whole host of topics and really got into some of the things that we struggle with trying to get this information out to you. I had a great time and I think you’ll be able to hear it. So instead of the normal Monday Blogcast I offer you the Sunday Morning Podcast.  And, thanks again to David Anderson for the opportunity. ENJOY!




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  1. Great interview and refresher on the fundamentals!
    Dude is funny like a mf too

    • Yeah, he has that sarcasm too. If you ever been to Philly he’s one of their most popular dj’s but he move on to getting the knowledge out.

  2. man this one is fire!!! you hip me up to david anderson also. never knew him before now. you guys got the same mentality that i love! hope you two do more together.

  3. Man this was dope! I hope you guys do a few more over the years. And its refreshing as FUUUUU… to know there’s more people out there in the media with hustle sense! I been listening for a few years and as time went by I put ALOT of things in my back pocket as you say lol. But now I’m at the point where I want to do so many things and I CAN do a few now finally! So now I just pick one at a time. I know and can do all kinds of stuff now! Like I’m building a website, then gonna make all the ads for it etc. Once it starts cashing in, I’ll take a bit off the table and start another one. I mean in a few days I expect to cash in…I’m really seeing how simple it is to start…

    What’s crazy is I didn’t realize how old your podcast was when I found it a few years ago. It was that Bossmack interview that brought me to the R&G…Aye on the Freeman Press, did you do podcasts too or was it just blog style?

  4. aye uh…did ya car really breakdown and have you on Hollywood Ave wit some Spiderman pj’s on?! lmfao
    later man!

  5. DF, you did it again. Your interviews are just as good as, if not better than, your regular broadcasts. I really like your tip at the end about just recording anything that comes to mind. I do the same. I use a voice record app on my phone when I go for my daily run/walk and capture whatever comes to mind. Far too many good ideas are lost because they’re never written down or recorded for future reference.

    • Thanks, I always give credit to the interviewer as if they have a change of pace I adapt to it an have fun with it. A lot of my ideas for business were written on pieces of napkins and even now later wrappers because I didn’t want to forget. Nowadays with smart phones I just hit record real quick and save them all. It’s technology!

  6. Yooooooo that podcast was the funniest, blunt, informative, down to earth one thus far. Man, to be business minded and have a sense of humor is perfect. I love to hear REAL success stories ( the gritty side).

  7. I was laughing at the end I forgot to chime in on the 4 out of 5 businesses fail stats. That’s usually because those people started the business because it is cool/it was time or some other ego-driven reason that starts with them.
    If a business is sound like it actually solves SOMEBODY ELSE’s problem, then it’s damn near impossible to fail especially if you stick to it and are quick to adjust.

    • Exactly! If you solve your own problems you’ll find out there’s a market for that solution to millions of people. Look inward and you’ll solve the outside worlds problems with ease.

  8. Ah cool! Giving game and callin out suckers for loving jobs getting mortgages in AOL and Myspace days via dial up internet-I love it!

    Hahaha man I had them times…Once we were running around actin stupid, next thing I know I’m hopping fences barefoot because my kicks were too big and I had to keep running lmao. I was pissed too because I literally just wore them once. Brand new all white shell toe adidas man!!! Like when you’re a kid you dont know how to shop…or act right so I ended up in these situations lol

  9. The ‘Black Tax’ is problematic because on one hand, you have guys trying to either break even or get a little extra and the other customers are forced to go out of their way (or pocket) to help their brothers and sisters in the neighborhood. Lil’ Jon’s BBQ doesn’t have the kind of relationship with the chicken man that Walmart does and because of it, his prices are higher to cop before he can sell it to the consumers.

    I ask, what’s the fix?

    • Volume and learning! If you are going to make money you need to have a cheap item to flip. Mcdonalds has soda for 1 buck. You arent going to make crazy margins so you need to accept that and survive until you do come up with something.

      Money is a endeavor if constant adjustment and learning.

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