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Breaking Even is one of the major hurdles where people quit the game. They are so happy to recoup all they put in that they say it’s time to get out of the game since my idea isn’t profitable.  It’s funny to me as I never had that idea coming up. I thought if I broke even I was about to blow the fvck up. If I could get my money back and I didn’t even know what the hell I am doing, then damn with the reps under the belt; I’m about to be tycoon status. I know it’s hard for a lot of people to stick it out but the money is right there and breaking even shows you that you are on the right track. ENJOY!



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  1. Man you’re right on time with this one!

    I recently stumbled upon a contract gig thats milking nice, but theres so many potential expenses I didnt see at first and fell into them, it seems like I’m losing, but once all the bills get scaled back and my game is in order, I’ll actually have some left off the top!

    Considering I dont own this company Im literally just gonna use it to fund my own projects. Its cool man like I have no worries, get my stuff done, and still have enough time to do quite a bit of my book everyday, but from day1 to just 2 weeks ago I was letting the race dictate my pace… wake up and go till I pass out everyday as if this was all I had lol. Its funny how after you learn the flow of the game you kinda fall back from being so stressed

  2. It’s just money homie! We in this for that legacy dough not that show off dough. We in this for the empire not for the big house. Since you have no plans on quitting this game then why worry about any measurables. You’ll know you winning by your pockets.

    Sometimes we get caught up in wanting things so badly we turn a good to a bad. We keep building it up or we are so desperate that any sign that it’s not going to pop or make millions we give up.

    Breaking Even isn’t a goal or a marker it’s just the road we are on. Someone who lifts weight barely remember anything but what they started with and where they are now. That’s the game.

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