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It’s hard to take advantage of the son if the Father is around! Sometimes you are watching the evolution of a thought and a end of a era and things just don’t make sense to you.  So when someone jumps out and says outrageous statements of truth and fact they are only outrageous because you’re slave mind has never thought that you could do it yourself. Everyone had a shitty record deal until No Limit, Cash Money and Deathrow came about. So while you think the father is stupid it’s only because you can’t even conceive this BlackMan can achieve an Empire without white folks…. ooops that’s too much for a slave.. I mean the powers that be!


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  1. A lot of major game in this episode, big dog!

  2. I had to say something as Pop culture ain’t my thing but, it was a moment where kats can see what I’m saying.

  3. Off topic, but on topic since we are talking about sports what do you think about the raiders moving to las vegas . Only thing i can say being from the bay area is the players wont have to pay income taxes on there money anymore . i ask because you see somtihng that i wont catch money or business wise

  4. Well the obvious money is in Las Vegas Raiders memorabilia. Since no one knows what that will look like whatever you make might sell.

    I’m alright with the Raiders moving to Vegas as people in LA go there every weekend. The Bay can catch that Southwest plane and have a vacation and catch the Raider game. It’s going to be a Win win … besides being hot as fvck.

    Do research on the impact of a new stadium in a area. Then you’ll really be able to see how to come up as you have at least 3 years to prep for the Vegas move.

  5. As crazy as Micheal Jackson’s pop may or may not be, I could only imagine the type of devils Joe Jackson encountered on the way up as manager of the Jackson5 lol.

    • True and no matter what is said they get mad the father dicked em but if you research a lot of acts they got dicked by lawyers, agents and even the mob. At least your family feel tied into your success the rest of these motherfuckers will keep you up all night to produce like a fvkcing cow.

  6. I haven’t paid much attention to the hoopla surrounding the father, but once I saw that he actually had a brand in place, I knew he was up on game. He’s already getting free publicity and media push for his T-shirts and once his son signs that rookie deal, he’ll be able to leverage that for more capital to expand the brand.

    It’s the same paradigm, just in sports form. Any time a black man shows that he understands the game and is making moves to ensure that his people, or his family in this matter, doesn’t get f#cked over, he’s a threat. He must be assassinated, literally or figuratively.

    Hopefully he follows in the footsteps of a Marbury and makes BBB shoes. Who cares if it’s not high end or with a big name like Nike? If they own the brand, and the shoe only sells a fraction of what a KD or Jordan sells, they’d still make WAY MORE than KD or Jordan would make at Nike. And they own the brand, which means money forever!!!

    You don’t have to sell as much as them if you own the whole thing. That’s what some of these artists have found out by being independent. You can make more money selling 10,000 copies than dudes signed to majors selling millions.

    It’s the same mentality that goes into Dollar 15 thinking. You don’t need alot of money once you lock down the essentials.

    • For a lot of us our ideas of success are tied into being accepted by the popular culture. The slave thinks to not desire this is foolish. So drop your racial pride and 100% ownership and sign with Nike because you finally got a piece of the pie!

      This brother made a brand while his son was in college knowing the NCAA gets tv rights to pimp kids and they get a fvck ass scholarship for a year or two.. what a deal huh? All the way around this brother is smart but to the average intelligent brother hes ignorant.

      Life is simple own yourself and own your talents. What these slaves are doing is reinforcing their misery with every paycheck.

  7. Damn I was slipping. I was one of those fools getting tired of his pops. I needed to hear this to make me snap out of it lol.

  8. I love when men get to represent themselves in a great light! This is one of the many examples us young dudes can use later on, especially as a generational wealth thing. The way technology is its hella easy to literally own everything ground up and need NOBODY. Alibaba, social media advertising and you pretty much set! Whenever media bashes a black man for anything, he usually making money or doing some man shit so salute this man for following the Master P blueprint!

    …never thought about how Jordan probably made less than $.25/shoe, no wonder why he dont like taking pics with black people. Every time he see us with he reminded of how he got got lol

  9. He is on one. If you can’t appreciate what he is about, you just don’t respect money!

    “Everyone is stuck in the same lane where they’re always thinking about an endorsement deal. They were telling me about Ben Simmons, he got a $20 million deal, [as if] that’s something,” Ball said. “If $20 million to you is something, then that’s good. But if a guy is making billions of dollars off of you and he gives you $20 million, that’s not good for me.”

    • Exactly! He understands being a high priced slave. We are the generators of wealth and accepting 10 cents on the dollar is the definition of ignorance.

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