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So many people seem to struggle with naming their product/brand. A lot of you quit and say you’re not creative or you do a half-ass effort and put a Z at the end of it…. RIZE and STYLEZ. Simply put you are trying to be like what you see instead of what you are. For me I have over 20 years of slang in my head, square book knowledge and finally what I see the big companies do. In other words I have enough in me to just create names and domains for the rest of my life.

So here’s the podcast to help you understand who you are and what you bring to the table. You shouldn’t be struggling with coming up with one… you should be struggling to decide the best one! ENJOY!



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  1. Looking forward to this one! Most times I would come up with catchy names by simply relating the name to the product and function of the company. Then the logos have the same thing:colors and symbols related to the company function. I’d come up with all sorts…In interviews you see the graphic designer for APPLE talking about how the logo dont have to relate and you can just be creative blahblah but it complicates it a bit like that. I used to spend hours on photoshop making logis but then I realized that time would be WAY better spent ordering samples and conparing products…

    Oye I try to tell my sister about that Z spelling on everything because it only clicks with a small group but she dont listen lol (African Konnectionz)…love her tho…

    Here’s a couple I made…
    Kanya Imports
    -Virgin Remy Hair extension import business bringing hair direct from India
    -Kanya: Hindu Goddess of Virginity
    Logo:purple/gold royal colors with black sillouette of a woman with long hair

    EcoPlush Detailing
    -Ecofriendly mobile car detailing company using steam cleaners and waterless car wash equipment&products
    Logo:metallic company name in light blue/light green slanted letters(italics)

  2. Man thats crazy how you said that with the dice. Like theres SO many little things we ALL do/use that if one of us just took some dice, put the slang on it, add some flavor to it(colors/symbols) it’d catch fire simply because its what we call it and how we do it…funny enough as I was listenin to this podcast I seen a few places with “6ix” in it since Drake been calling Tdot the 6ix…as well as a few places like TDot Tees, Dot Tats etc…Im surprise theres no dispensary called Blem yet lmao…(blem means high af up here)

  3. @Tony – thats because its the hustler not the customer who can spot em early. We got so many things we know are being sold but we doubt the angle in which we see or say them.

    Im of the belief that we are always in the company of those who say I thought of that years ago. We all see it but we dont believe in ourselves manifest it.

    Teends will come and go but if you coin the product with the right name we become Kleenex although facial tissue was out before they coined it.

  4. P/B/C = First you make the product, then you create the brand. Know why? So you can SELL THE CULTURE.

    I learned that from Steve Stoute’s book Tanning of America where he talked about how Run DMC popularized Adidas in the hood. Those sneakers had been around forever and never caught on. Run DMC associated the product with being cool, making it a brand people identified with. Finally, Adidas was able to integrate in and SELL the culture to those who wanted to live it.

    • Exactly! If we do it we know the slang and what appeals. Unlike a record company who dicks the culture by having buffoons rap about stupidity. This time we take control of the culture by making sure we coin it, own it and sell it.

      Run DMC made ADIDAS popular but didn’t understand money and gave them free culture advertising. They didn’t have a shoe deal they just were rapping like the rest of these dumb ni99as about jewelry or magazines or clothing.

  5. Yeah Adidas should still be paying royalties for that. I wasnt even from that era but I still got happy with my first tracksuit lol…I think Cam’ron was the first one to apply this concept (Sippin on Sizzurp-Dipset & 3-6 Mafia)…

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