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Even on the low you have to be mindful of how you look to others. Money no matter what has expectations if you’re loud they want you to shut up and if you’re quiet they want you to be thankful. So you really can’t escape people looking at you because you have money. No matter how you get the money remember there will always be those looking at you and taking their queues from you. Many a fool ruins his reputation by being caught out there contradicting what he’s saying or what others expect.


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  1. Great drop and topic. I think a lot of the issues that people have, especially when they get some significant money, is being real with themselves. Not everyone wants to be righteous and forthright; some just want to be able to upgrade their lives with what they see outside as being better.

    When you have money you can eat better and buy yourself time to exercise. You can dump your black woman for a white woman with black features. You can even join Ponzi scheme religious affiliations if you want to and no one’s the wiser.

    Choosing righteousness over that “new ____ smell” is one of the hardest things for young black men to do, especially if you’ve never had money enough to buy the world you want to live in. When you realize that there is a new crop of 18 year old girls every single day and all it takes to get them to your bed is a little fame and a few dollars is almost too much for guys not grounded enough.

    • Most people believe that money absolves them of everything but in fact money puts a burden on you. You get to have what you want but now people look at you for guidance, support and as a example.

      Righteousness is a choice in a world of sinners. Just by backing away from certain behaviors people will start to think of you in a certain way. Most don’t choose it because the devil has been their teacher.

      Just realize people are watching you even if your the guy that owns 3 cleaners. Few are proud of you and many more are watching And waiting for you to return to where they are.

      Sin makes you normal in a corrupt world!

  2. Pickle chicken LOL

    Yooooooo you funny as hell man.

    As they say ……. Money Talks Wealth whispers

    I think it’s human nature that some just get jealous and envy as others progress and you don’t, we all want a piece of the pie, especially if we don’t have anything. Some just don’t know how to get the pie. therefore they get jealous/hateful I guess it’s easier to do.

    To me, money just give you choices. Your behavior and attitude is already there.

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