Sometimes you can’t see the opportunities because they are written in another language. In our case the opportunities have been in a language in which we lose because we want to be part of the greater society. So most intelligent fools see obvious opportunities but if the masses haven’t hinted that that the smart thing to do they wait until the opportunity is almost done. If you keep waiting for others to tell you it’s worth pursing by the time you get your money up the game will be raped. You’ll be talking like the rest of the intelligent fools in hindsight saying if we would’ve bought Amazon at 30 or bought a house in midtown 5 years ago.

This is just to let you know that you should go your own way in this game and just because one group hasn’t capitalized on it doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursing. Afterall the majority of people are slaves and they are waiting for their master to say it’s OK! ENJOY!