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The sweet science of determining the price of your products. You’ll hear the typical 3 times your cost and you’ll hear whatever the customer is willing to pay. But, truth be told you are going to have to get got a couple of times while you determine what people are really willing to pay. If you make the adjustments fast enough while offering those who believed in you early that forever discount you’ll be in the money. The game is turnover of product while finding the right number to always be a no brainer deal.


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  1. Freeman thanks for putting of treasry direct just finnesh filling out the information. Gonna put a g in there and 50 a month. With trump in office im sure the percentage will go up

    • It will! He’s on a rampage and I have a feeling things will get way worse before he wisens up. Never mess with a man with something to prove and never tease a man who retaliates immediately. In this case we have both.

  2. yeah for been in office two weeks and siging papers like hes signing autographs. What your advice on it or take on it . I mean i have my tools if things go that level. But i got my passport ready just in case shit goes that level im not trying to be here rather somewhere in thr carabbian or africa with my people.

    • Each of these devils has a tendency and if you research him you can make money off of his evil. He’s a developer of buildings so all commercial development companies will rise in stock price as he’s going to clear. His own path once he leaves office.

      USA manufacturers who hire in the USA will get better tax incentives. In other words the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

      The best no money down play is to always be ready to enroll in college or a 2nd degree. Not so much for education but as a buffer when money gets tight. The loan money will bail you out and allow you to start those recession proof businesses. If you concentrate on getting off the grid you’ll be fine no matter what.

      So rich products will sell good and liquor for the miserable will sell. Since there is a new group of poor called millennials anything softening their eventual fall will make money.

  3. That’s the goal Freeman, finding price points that move inventory. That’s really just having a good understanding of your customer base.

    • Exactly! That takes a while for us to realize that we are looking for that number and then realizing how much money we can make off of it. Instead we think we determine the price and then we think we aren’t making enough.

  4. Wassup Freeman!
    Lovin the bearbones raw game!
    I was just listening to the Trick or Treat podcast on the way to grab some tools…At this stage Im coming up, but it seems every time I think Im getting on top, I gotta make adjustments. Like a day after payday, Im fixing a battery, then doubling back to vendors to cut my expenses-just to have new expenses come in. For a second I thought dang man when can I just chill and let it roll smooth, but I actually realized Im still at the beginning, so the scramble is really accumulation of tools, vehicles, storage and expansion.

    My point is Im putting in a request for a podcast breh lol!
    Can you address the spiral of feeling like you’re just breaking even, but actually coming up? Like did you ever have an epiphany like “Im not ballin, but Im more efficient. Im not rich, but my labors are fruitful!”



    • Sure bruh I’ll put it in the queue as that’s a real feeling. When I started I made 2000 and that was less than what I made at my job. But, then I realized I made it in my house watching rap videos and working out.

      I like the topic so i’ll try to get it done when I return to the States.

      • Thanks man appreciate it! I hope ya trip is well worth it!!
        Like at this point I realize that eventhough I dont have liquid cash, Im actually accumulating assets. Not like how society thinks (cars/house), but simply things that generate money. These waterproof boots, this electrical tape, these battery making supplies, like all these things Im picking up along the way are making everything more efficient. And its also opening up a new industry I could step into with the right tools because theres only a handful of people doing it and the margins are crazy! I just gotta stack enough to make the jump!

        Later man!

  5. Thats what i like about you While i am worried about what he can do to and my folk. YOu see the money making angle in all this whille everybody is losing there mind panicking instead building. How long did it take take you for you to be calm during the storm

    • Bruh, I lived the worse so everyday is bigger and better. If you sit down& think about what can really mess your life up you would realize those are under your control. You attack those living, eating and making some money independently and then you have the key.

      So Trump or the next asshole up I don’t care because I’m off the debt grid. I build because up or down there’s money to be made. You can be there anytime and any moment you decide. You just have to stop waiting for others and just make a decision that you are going to change your life.

      How many years are you going to wait until others realize they are going nowhere. Sometimes you have to step out and do it your way. So if you ask me where do I get it from? I went out and proved myself right and no longer panic like those who still think others have a say in their lives.

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