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GOD provides us insight into things and then someone smart calls it a Niche! Every last one of us sees things others don’t but we just don’t know what to do with it. Some of us who recognize it have to actually slow ourselves down so we don’t think we got Microsoft when we really just learned how to burn a CD. With that being said this podcast is about dealing with a Niche and how to cultivate it and also to slow yourself and your homie down from getting dicked out of your GOD given gift.


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  1. freeman thanks i wanna thanks for putting up the blood hustle on your old blog. I did some googling and found a place that pays for some. i am going there wensday to see what is up with it.

  2. Niche to Proctor & Gamble is classic Devil textbook (see Zero to One: Notes on Startups).
    It’s funny tho that a cat wouldn’t want to do business today because it’s gonna fork down the line.
    I am going/went through a similar situation with a good partner of mine actually while launching a prescription glass business. He saw it becoming a fashion line opening retail stores etc. and I was like the reason we got into this in the first place is because we can source glasses (not clothes, luxury bags etc) for dirt cheap. I had to pressure him to get started on some let’s make money now and you can branch out later.

    Also, what’s your way of actively spotting a niche? Driving around town talking to people, or do you just stumble on them while conducting business?

    • Abdoul man thats a lifetime money maker! Those things cost hella money retail for no reason lol… oh yeah a guy I knew from India said they manufacture contact lenses there, so that might be a good one too! Thing with contacts is they always expire so you’ll have the same customer multiple times in the same year, as opposed to glasses where people keep frames for a few years. On a side note, having a deal for designer frames would be great, but contact lenses are a gold mine I think

      • Man you ain’t lied, it literally for no reason when Warby Parker and co sell them for 150. Thanks for the tip too, I will look into contacts lenses, bless up!

    • I evaluate all business ideas by the simplicity of them. I usually find a niche by seeing a bigger market for something that is sold hood only. Remember a uneducated man can hustle but he has to educate himself to build.

      So the niche is just me being interested in how others make money. Parlaying that to another level or bringing it down to a simple level.

      Curiosity makes the cat rich… really I’m just fascinated by any form of money making and I see smaller or bigger things that can be done with it.

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