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We all know we have the same religion of the Devil but, alot of us don’t realize we have their ways. In that way we worship the same people who put us in our current situation. Since most are unable to dissect their ways and means our slave tendencies have transformed their negatives into our positives. We talk like their ways our universal and intelligent. We build with their ways and think we are winning. We know otherwise and still proceed to go in their hoping for a miracle. When a Man emulates his master he is not original and anyone who doesn’t know will learn at the foot of the devil even though they haven’t seen it work for them or their own.

Ask yourself…. How can you win if you copy the ways that were used to keep you down? ENJOY!



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  1. I think one of the worst things people waste their time is on taking the advice of people that are speaking from a different experiences than they can relate to. Which leads to what you mentioned – people reading about “how to take $25K and turn it into a million dollar startup.” When the person reading doesn’t have a family that can lend them $25K to start a business when they graduate college. Or that person doesn’t even have $250.

    And then you have people who start to talk about things that don’t make sense for them. You got people repeating lines they hear from other slaves that have no bearing on them increasing their lot in life right now.

    “Invest in the company match for your 401k.”

    “You should have have 20 percent saved for a down payment on a house.”

    All these other lines that don’t make sense for someone coming from the bottom. And no one talks to them about how they can get the first $1000 just to not live hand to mouth every day. So and so forth.

    I think that’s why the RnG is so valuable because it speaks to people no matter where they are. Whether they have $10 or $10,000. Because money is money. Not tag lines from CNBC and Investopedia.

    The man who has $100,000 in cash/bonds, with a house paid off and two cars sitting in the garage has more freedom than the guy who has $500K in a 401K (that he can’t touch until he’s old), $400K left on the mortgage (that he’ll probably never pay off) and some “I’m a smart slave” tag lines from Money Magazine LMAO

  2. We all learn or think it’s advantageous to learn from those who are where we want to be. But, where are and how to get on the road to where we want to be is more important. The journey of 10000 steps begin with 1.

    I realize we have all been indoctrinated to believe in these saying and use these instruments and hand over ideas for a Suckers share is the American Capitalist Way. Problem is we don’t have enough Capital nor or we considered American.

    We need to be creative and honest in freeing ourselves from the bottom rungs of society by owning our talents and being somewhat nationalist to our own.

    I didn’t write in the front of D15 this is for all people of any race… No I said this is for my people Blackfolks for a reason. To say from one brother to another here is my story, my angle and my come up that you will uniquely understand because I am just like you. So the R&G resonates with Black folks primarily through shared experiences backed up by Black themes and Black music.

    We need to only build ourselves and then share it with our kind. What we produce after that will be for the world. But it absolutely stupid and a con to go to the world by sacrificing ourselves and our own kind!

  3. Whats up Freeman, I hope this post aint too far off topic, but since the R&G is about cash-Im sure Im good!
    Funny enough man years later Im listening to your Financing a Dream podcast(again) right after this one. Im seeing these dudes do seminars on real estate “investing” but really its just to funnel the lazy “entreprenuers” into getting hella loans and good real estate deals for their people theyre alligned with. Even bragging about being hundreds of millions in debt lol. That whole thing popped in my head and I had to pull over and send this msg. Like when you do the math, the down payments aint really that big when you have something bringing in money. Its all relative! Like my business is service based and brings in more cash than a certain level of real estate deals would, and now that Im in business working the numbers, it seems way more attractive to just launch a product based volume business that brings good margins-instead of go left and put 8 months of cash into a property that I STILL need a loan for, when that money wont return for a year anyway…You can scale and grow when you own, but when you owe its just like slavery…

    • There’s a Sucker born everyday and a Sucker ass wannabe entrepreneur every scheduled seminar. Cash is still King so even when property comes up you won’t miss it as people call those wit cash investors while the slaves believe to get in the game is Cash!

      This is why I don’t like to be called inspirational aka no results. Why pay to be the intelligently inspired broke? If you see a seminar there’s no money in it besides the devil throwing it. Once you know the math and how you should get down in this life you will laugh at what others believe in rich.

      I’m millions of dollars in debt:1) Wow he must be rich to owe that much. 2) WTF and you’re saying it out load with a old BMW and a untailored suit. GTFOH

  4. Hey Free, quick question (and potential podcast idea A LOT would like to hear your thoughts on) :

    In another podcast you said that hesitation is what kills a lot of cat’s momentum. When you were in law school, you had international trade in your back pocket, right? I’m sure you had a number of other options available to you too. My question is what was it about that choice that beat out everything else? Like, what was it that made you say ‘fuck the rest of them (for now)’ and go all in on this route?

    I ask because that choice, especially when everywhere you look you see opportunity, is harder than damn near anything to say ‘I’m going to commit myself completely to this one path all the way until I know without a shadow of a doubt it doesn’t work’ because that year (or years) could’ve been spent on something that might’ve panned out better.

    • Simply put I thought in the next 3 years do I have anything besides a better paying job that would improve my lot in life. So law school was transformational it opened up being a lawyer and a better salary so I sacrificed today for a better tomorrow.

      I always lean towards quantum leaps in money. Right now I’m in school again to learn a skill very specific. I thought I could pay someone to do it and then have to pay them again and again to grow the business. OR I could spend 1k and go learn this shit myself. Again quantum leap in skillset and money potential. Not just in future money but even operating and keeping the formula secret.

      I don’t procrastinate that much as I see the route very clear everytime. It takes me time to perfect the pitch but call me a poor kid as when I see money I rapidly and aggressively move in that direction.

      No brainer all Hustle!

  5. yo freeman, I know you went to law school and now I’m considering the same. I scored in the 90th percentile on my LSAT and can get a full ride scholarship. Also my wife has her own solo practice so I can build with her. I work a bullshit warehouse job right now making pennies. My question is should I dedicate those 3 years to law school or try to find another hustle?

    • C’mon homie are you forreal? Go to Law School you can still think about money in Law School. You can do things online while in Law School. You can start a business while in Law School. Go to Law School!

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