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Lets lay out the road ahead with what this year can be for all of us. Whether you think this will be a return of the recession or the return to overspending we should have a plan of attack on both of them. Some things will surprise you like you didn’t really notice that the dollar menu has disappeared. Some things will not surprise you like every dummy in the world saying it’s time to invest in the stock market when they have no education nor understanding. But, with that being said this podcast is about making sure we make money no matter who, what, and where we are financially in this world. ENJOY!


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  1. freeman when can I find a certifying officer at. I did what you said and made a account at the treasury gov website. But they sent a e-mail saying I need to fill out a form and get stamped by a certifying officer. until then I can not move forward

  2. my bad I meant where at they beginng

  3. You must’ve signed up in the wrong area. They have a tutorial online and they also have a phone number so call them up and get it straightened out.

  4. Another solid podcast Freeman.

  5. What’s good Freeman? I know you went to law school so I have a question related to it. I got a good lsat score (164 )that is good enough to get me full ride scholarships to top 100 schools, but I could probably get into a top 10 school having to pay full price. If I go to a top 14 school I could get a biglaw associate position making 160k+ after school and stack up paper before I go solo. If I go to the top 100 school I won’t get biglaw, but my wife is has a successful solo practice and I could go into business with her. What do you think is the best option?

    • Go to the Law School with the full ride scholarship as you’ll still make money later with your wife. Also, you might do so well in the full scholarship school you’ll get a big job. Why pay tuition when you don’t have to when your future depends on you. Nothing is guaranteed but the full scholarship is so take that and create your own future.

  6. Dropping real gems in this one. Fed about to raise them rates, so the bonds are about to flip faster. The old saying goes “when interest rates rise, stocks will die.” But you’ll still have people betting the house on the stock market.

    No issue with playing the market, but it’s a gamble no matter how much nerds try to make it a science. Dudes with degrees try to make the stock market something other than what it is…a game of craps. You know something is off when the “experts” can barely beat the market twice in a row.

    Now more than ever it’s time to get the foundation tied down. A spot to live that’s yours, a way to get around, a way to make money no matter what the job does, the insurance just in case something happens and some sure money in your pocket.

    • Bruh the blueprint is simple so simple most people think it’s a lie. Instead they are trying to win a game they can’t win because they can’t own this game. So we play to get off the board not to accumulate to show off but to accumulate as a buffer to keep our independence.

      You got the key and you see your way through the shit now all that is left is walking in the direction of our freedom!

  7. Freemane, what it is? Still grinding my dude….Keep sending the elevator down!!!!

    • Still on my deen brother to teach what I know to those who do not know! I can’t send it down homie I just try to bring my people up LOL. But, yes same message just different music and different angles to overcoming the devil.

  8. FREEMAN!!! I seen a way into an industry and I went full throttle into it! It’s been a crazy few months! 10-12 hour days WORKIN! Like literally doing laundry for the first time since November. I messed up on the car part by being impatient. Like I got extended warranty, full services, etc. But after I thought about it, I could’ve got one for a 1/3 of the price. I dont care at this point I just see it as a tool and the whole process took over a week that I couldn’t afford to wait for. I plan to either transfer the lease to someone else, or get a bank to finance it at a better rate then sell it off, so I can downgrade to something better for my pockets. If I was able to, I really wouldve just waited 5 months and bought one cash smh. Like on a month to month basis it dont hurt, but in the long run thats like 20K extra in my pocket so Im getting outta this thing first chance I get!

    Instead of looking at the riverfront condos and preconstructions to rent out, I’m seeing how much better it is for the cheaper low income area housing. Like you said EVERY city has a few properties under $70K. In a few months I’ll be locking one down. After a few more months I’ll be taking some of their rent and upgrading it to raise its value. Like literally in 4-5 years it will pay itself off. Maybe 2.5-4yrs if I put more of my own cash in-which I might do. The printing angle I had dont compare to what I just found, and I’m planning to do something even bigger once everything is lined up. Like now the challenge is organizing everything so Im not buying food everyday. This means one day every other week I cook all my meals then vacuum pack them, do laundry,etc. This way I just rip open the food, smash it back and Im out the door. I keep my food healthy. NO salt no sugar no bread no fast food. It actually helps me stay on target with energy! After I send this post, I’ll be registered, and gonna open a business account soon.

    Im sure you might have a post on this,if so which one-if not, what services are ideal for a business bank account, what pitfalls should I watch for when picking one? Like personally I’d rather just go in and do it, but after the car situation, I’d rather get the most long term benefit out of it, instead of just rushing to fulfill a short term need.

    • When you are on your mission Food is Fuel! So once you strip away all this rewarding yourself with different cuts of a cow you’ll just get what you need to stay on point and keep making money.

      Ehhh the car happens homie how do you think I know to tell you not to go that route. Enjoy it homie just know you lost money on it. No need to go down to nothing if you can make the car pay for it. So if you think you lost 20K make the car get you 20K and I’m not talking Uber or pimping. Just use the car to make better impressions for business reasons like a realtor. They know the car and clothes make people think they are successful. Just play the same game.

      First shop around for a free business account! Look for it cuz they will start charging you for writing checks and Wire Transfers. Next you want to get one where you can negotiate some fees. If you know your business does Wire Transfers then you want to negotiate those for free or free up until 10 or so. Lastly, you don’t want to sign up for any credit cards through them but if the bank is good at sweeper accounts look into them as you can make money. Sweeper accounts are when you hold a decent sum in the account and they will take it and hold it overnight and give you a interest rate. The better you are with the bank the more they will come to you talking about using your money to make money and give you some. Just remember their goal is to hold your money so they can use it for longer periods that’s why CD’s and all that other shit is for Suckers. Talk to them about how you can make interest without tying up your money.

      • GOT IT! On the plus side Im assured no problems with the car too so being suckered for heated seats is ight lmao. Im gonna start with the small banks and credit unions…

        Also, it turns out the property I was looking at werent stable. They were run down condos-super cheap, but weirdo stuff going on. Like the condo corp is in a deficit,have no reserve funds,and have a huge loan to pay off. At any moment, they can do a special assessment and levy the cost to the owners,which means an extra 30K later on,on top of the 40K price, I dont like the mandatory monthly fees either. Its like flushing money in the drain. It dont even count toward equity smh. Even after the levy and fees I can make good with the rent money, but theI dont like wierdo scenarios. Unless its preconstruction I dont get the condo angle… Im just gonna go full fledge into my business, then look at other cities. My angle is food imports, and people EVERYWHERE gotta eat!

        • I like the food imports as you’re right everyone has to eat. I think when you get the chance you should figure out all the government issues involved up there. In the USA you have FDA and it’s regulated.

  9. Yeah I see a helluva angle and Im sick of overpaying for stuff all my international dudes say cost pennies/lb that tastes better than the local fruit…I been reading gov regulations on importing as a hobby now(cuz of podcasts like Harder Things/Fundamentals). Condos are a gamble-food is forever!

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