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I’ve seen enough Negative when it comes to Money to damn near say fvck you when anyone crosses my path. I been so sour to the game since I learned it all by fire that I don’t think money has a positive just a transaction. So as a result my mindstate started changing for the worse and I became the cat who you you didn’t want to stutter or stumble with when it came to money. In other words money dealings make me a miserable man.

Then one day I just decided to change my mind. The same elements exist but this time I’m seeing the sunnier side of shit. I still don’t enjoy the game but instead of just seeing the grind I’m seeing the money. I changed my whole way of acting to be excited about the money and stop worrying about whatever’s about to come out the lying devils mouth. I stopped getting so caught up with the what if and pretty much being prepared to battle everyone and started thinking Bruh I know enough shit to sleep on a mawfvcker and still kill him when he wide awake. Not that cocky in practice but confident in myself.

So think positive you’ve been though enough hell to smell sulfur! Yes, many of who you will come in contact with believe the teachings of their great demise but so the fvck what! Keep doing what you have to do and always realize you’re passing through… with a smile!


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  1. Funny thing is when people realize that the world works in layers and for the uninitiated, they affix ‘good’ and ‘evil’ to monetary based actions and the people who make them when it really comes down to justification: the poor justify that 40 bottle the same way the rich justify foreclosing Grandmother’s home; either person can be swayed by emotion but if the return isn’t aligned with their goals not only are they gonna call you the devil for swaying them but rail against your methods to others which begets followers begetting other followers.

    To me, this life (and ultimately society) is about capitalizing on your merits above all else and the really wealthy learn how to capitalize on the merits of others as well. Thinking that bank giving you an extension on keeping your home for a month is a ‘good’ bank is as erroneous as thinking another one who won’t is ‘evil’–the latter just wants their money now instead of banking on you paying it at the end of the loan!

  2. Hi Freeman:

    I have a question pertaining to International Trade. From your podcast, you mention that you work in that field. As someone who is young and lacks experience within that field, any advice as to how do you gain experience within that field ? Do you take internships, find a program (CITP/FIBP), or get your brokers license then find work ? Thank you for your time.

    • The entry level job is called a entry writer and all you really need is basic data entry skills. if you live near a port is where you find a port near you. Then you click on the city and click the brokers link. That’ll show you where the companies are. Then you look for any temp agency catering towards that group.

      The buzz work for a college educated person is logistics and supply chain. That is the serious term as moving cargo is the field that you can get a intern in or back your way into.

  3. At my current gig it’s a lot of muthafuckas I would love to curse out, but I just stay silent and collect a check until I get to my next destination. If I was trying to kiss ass and move up the ladder this would be hell, but I don’t care about the politics or what ppl say about me at all.

    • Bruh believe it or not I’m just now learning to let it go. I’ve been the cat who would say fvck this and damn near burn the bridge I was standing on.

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