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Yes, I have authority issues but that’s no surprise to you. Not because of not having my father around and not because of growing up poor! It has something to do with poverty and really not wanting people to have any say in my life and it’s prosperity. I realized what others perceive as disrespect has more to do with them crossing me about money. I don’t believe anyone has a good idea on how I should proceed to make money because they don’t have it theirselves. This is a introspection podcast as I self diagnose why I am the way I am… and thus why the R&G is the way it is! ENJOY!



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  1. I think this is why not everyone resonates with your podcasts even though the info is A1. I for ex, heard you first at 19, Plan~B shared your passion for the chips podcast; the info was good but “the game wasnt that serious yet”. It’s only at 21 when things hit rock bottom that I really got into the material: I was walking to the grocery store and my playlist ended on the Just Enough podcast. I think I emailed you a shit load of question the same day.

    Now that I’m writing it, it also explains why I can’t get some of my friends into your stuff. Because it’s not money and how to spend it/invest, it’s emancipation from the fvckass system.

    Bref, back to the money thing, if there’s someone out there looking for an easy flip (2x or 2.5x); source thigh jewelry from Alibaba and put it up on craigslist/eBay/SnapChat.

    • Well it’s for those who can hear not for those who can’t see. I tie independence in with money as they go hand in hand but of course there is a bigger picture for all of us to be completely free.

      I realize that I’m talking ahead of where most people are but what is wisdom and guidance but to say here’s what lies ahead so get your mind right.

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