30-seconds-to-mars-a-beautiful-lie-music-video-30-seconds-to-mars-33761953-500-281In money you need to keep all documents around W-2, 1099 and the like. There will come a day when people ask you for documents to verify employment and you might’ve fudged things like money and the like. W-2’s if you have them can start at any time so it’s not a accurate amount of money you made especially if money was given as a bonus or under the table. I know I know people tell you to keep your W-2’s forever but truthfully you don’t need to as the company has them and there is a 800 number to retrieve them if need be. (Sorry I don’t remember it)

Moral of the story is when you make up things have pieces of paper that verify what they want such as proof but don’t verify anything further. Remember only people who are paying you want this shit so don’t give them anything to contradict what you say. In fact I might black out the compensation part or a couple of numbers with XXXX’s  and say to them it’s proof and that’s it.

This chip game is about trying to get you to admit that you bluffed them and they are going to say you are a liar and we can’t trust you. A longtime friend of mine asked me don’t you think one day they’ll catch you in a lie. I told him sure and he said why not just tell the truth. I said why would I tell the truth to the devil. Aren’t they lying to me too?