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You know I couldn’t pass up a good tragedy and use it as a teachable moment. What Trumps election as President has done is shown in you in one night how powerless you really are. You decided that your fate rests on the mercy of the She-Devil or the He-Devil. Trump election lets you know you never were in charge, never really participated and never really had a say.

So now you wake up and think to yourself it’s going to be a rough 4 to 8 years! You didn’t wake up and say I’d better get my shit together and separate from these devils having any say in your life… Right? You have to learn to build independence while in dependence!

Well that’s why I made this podcast… ENJOY!



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  1. Well, that was quick, Freeman! LOL. It’s all hands on deck, disaster capitalizm in full effect. In the contest between the fox and the wolf, we ended up with the wolf this time around.

    • Exactly! Everyone should know what time it is today! We need to put the importance on securing ourselves as the nightmare scenario is reality and it’s obvious even to those who pray.

      Bruh I was watching the basketball game and said there are going to be a lot of shocked Black folks. The usual preachers telling you GOD has your back, the intellectuals breaking down the vote by region, the ignorant stating it was a fix and lastly those who have no answer worrying like it’s 9/11 all over again.

      But, I knew no one would say it’s time to move on as a Race. Politics have failed us so lets stop putting our eggs into the basket of the eggheads and start our own coup. We can be immune to this if we have our own!

  2. Lol, I was thinking the same thing as you said in the podcast. I was kinda shocked you decided to address it.

    I’m just glad it’s over, not that I’ve been paying attention in detail or watching the news the whole time.

    But I’m not gonna lie. I was a little shocked at the vote when I saw your post that he won.

    Hopefully, this allows people to wake up and not care who gets elected into office when everything is taken care of and there is a sense of ownership in having your own stuff (ie, a business, paid off car and secured finances).

    • I usually don’t respond to popular shit but I knew people would feel a certain kind of way. So I wanted to put out a point of view before all the fruitless inspirational speakers came up with some analytical bullshit. After 9/11 people were scared and the devil took advantage of it. This time the devil has elected himself and we need not be scared but quietly walk away from Sodom!

  3. I won’t lie: I was shocked to see just how badly Hillary got beaten. I mean, if this was a rap battle it’d it be like Eminem laying into dude so badly he just stood there with a blank, stupid look on his face.

    Then my mindset changed to thinking of what this election really means: blatant racism, hate and bigotry is not only alive and well (as if it ever died) but now openly appreciated and has reached the highest office in the states. In some places we might be seeing a Jim Crow 2.0 situation coming about.

    All that progress, love, hope, change, belief that people–most prominently black–thought had come has been cut through like damp dollar store tissue paper, and it’ll be interesting to see if people now fully disrobe the truth laying before them:

    You’ve got to see about your own people because it’s ludicrous to think there’s support outside of your own hands. Funny thing is I haven’t heard from a single white ‘friend’ I have as of yet. No calls, no e-mails, nothing.

    • The election doesn’t mean anything like blatant racism, hate and bigotry as that was the fervor but may not be his actions. If you really think about it without emotion there is a immigration problem that has been said by previous presidents, there is a Middle Eastern war and 9/11 feeding into the hysteria behind Muslims and lastly you have a regular ol class war going on with the white have nots being a majority of this country.

      Progress has been made but not for everyone. You can’t have the scales tip so high that people are starving in the country and we dismiss them like the majority are doing well. That minority is the silent majority and they had a White-Lash.

      Right now we all need to proceed and stop coming up with What If Scenarios as they only make you nervous. Let the game play out and make your move as they move. Overall we know our fate is in our hands so use your hands.

      You won’t hear from anyone as they know what a Big Loser looks like as they can see marches on TV. Why reach out to a Loser when you get to enjoy winning!

  4. When Hitler came to power in Germany the Jews were very affluent and had their own economy. Hitler still took everything and threw them in canps. Doing for self and building economically alone wont save us.

    • First, we are not the Jews so their road will not be ours. Second, lets get to the point where we are very affluent with our own economy before saying it won’t work. Third, in order to breed independence a Man must create his own no matter how small to know it’s worth fighting and dying for. Fourth, not all of the Jews were killed a lot of them left already before the Holocaust. Last, history doesn’t repeat itself the tactics of the devil do and are often defeated before it starts.

      Even by you providing early warning means we will not meet that same fate. You have the whole world in your hands why spend so much time acting like we don’t. Doing for Self is the first stages of self recognition, self worth and self esteem. You can’t ask a coward to be courageous until he first conquers himself.

      We’ll be alright but first we have to stand on our own two!

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