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5aa4de44What do you have to lose… everything if you don’t ask! I hate to say it but if you don’t learn how to bluff your way into more money, a bigger percentage and even a better position you will ultimately lose. Not I’m talking money and not poker so don’t think these are tactics you can transfer from a card game to this chip game. Incentives, Perks, Health Insurance and new car smell are not Money so most of us bluff for bullshit. ENJOY!



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  1. Real sh#t. I’ve bluffed on salary on every job since my very first one. I learned from that first job out of college where I didn’t understand chips and just accepted whatever they gave me. Which ended up being less than what I was making in college as an intern.

    I learned that these businesses are looking at dollars in vs dollars out. No emotion. They only look out for the bottom line. So, I decided to follow suit and say what needed to be said for my own bottom line.

    Whenever I’m getting interviewed for a new gig, I always add a couple thousand onto my salary from the last gig. And then I say, “Well, I was making X, so I would need Y to make the transition.” If they don’t give me Y, then I can’t do it. I’m not making a move for free.

    And I feel you on that friends and family not liking that mindset. People will tell me “Man, that’s good money. You should just accept. You don’t want to get off on the wrong foot by asking for too much.”

    But this is money. They’re looking out for their bottom line. And I’m looking out for mine. If they can’t give me a nice bump, then I’d rather just to stay put. I don’t lose until I accept some BS money just cause I don’t want to “rock the boat.”

    This is an exchange of money for service rendered. Aint no friendship or feeling in this. If I don’t perform, I don’t get paid. And if they don’t pay, I don’t perform.

    • It’s a different mentality overall to realize that this is a game and these tactics have to be used all the time. We have to stop being so happy to get dicked and treat it for what it is. I know people are happy to be chose but with money you need to pay attention to what’s being offered.

      Like you I bluff with all money as I call it a instant raise. I’ve taught others how to do it and they got 10k plus on their salary on each move. The day of the wage slave is over if I can do anything about it!

      No love no loyalty just Money!

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