3 Kinds of Idiots


There are 3 kinds of idiots in this world.

The first idiot is the one who touches the fire!

The second idiot is the one who stands close to the fire!

The third idiot is the one who never went near the fire and is only called a idiot by the first two idiots!



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  1. How do you not be an idiot?

    • The moral is everyone is depending on how they see life and how they live their life. You prefer to be Number 3 which is a person who can discern what’s wrong and stay away from it. You might be called scared, you might be called a punk but you won’t be the idiot for long. In my lifetime I’ve been called a lot of shit but as we got older everyone came to me and said you just knew better than us.

  2. LOL the irony of the two idiots. Haha this made my day!

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