The End

As I approach the end of the plan I set forth over the past 5 years I am being challenged. I set out to create a situation where I would never have to compromise my mission for anyone. What I am doing seems damn near impossible to everyone around me. Most people I know are criticizing me because I am willing to go broke to get to the end. Now this isn’t about money as it’s really about freedom and whatever has to be sacrificed for it will be sacrificed. I’ve lost a lot of friends, love lost and even time. The challenge that is in front of me at this moment is simply just crossing the finish line. What am I willing to endure when it comes to shame, embarrassment, ridicule and even total misunderstandings are all fine with me.

What I am approaching is the end of all that I set out to do when I left Compton at 17. Through the past 20 years I have seen a lot, livedĀ  a lot and regretted absolutely nothing. I realized what I wanted forever when I was sitting in Manhattan and left it all to come back to L.A. It took me some time to regroup and turn my angles to a whole new direction. Sometimes you have to ask yourself what do you really want out of life and I’m about to answer mine. There’s nothing in this world that I can’t have and there’s not to many things left that I haven’t already had.

The End is merely the end of my reason to fight when I had nothing. It’s funny how now to be nothing brings me more peace than to be something. It’s the end of a fear that everyone who grew up with nothing has to come to grips with. No psychologist can describe it and solve it… it’s something you have to live. Whatever is said about me after I reach the end will mean absolutely nothing and from this point on every step I take will be Free.

Note: The R&G will continue and this isn’t a suicide note. LMBAO


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  1. LOL at the disclaimer on the last line.
    Congrats on the successful transition brother – especially sticking it out for 5y. Well deserved

  2. You truly are an inspiration to me. I didnt come from Compton,but I have seen my fair share of crime,pain,and poverty. I admire you as a business man, and Im busting my ass to reach your level of success and then some! Thank you for your time, your books, and the example you have set for our people!

    Candice Du Pree’

    • I appreciate that as all I do with the R&G is let people know that I am no different from anyone else. Here’s what I did and here’s what I think and my whole mission is to let Black folks know we don’t have to follow those who follow the damned. There is a way and it doesn’t depend on anyone but ourselves.

  3. Sounds like all the encumbrances are close to done with on your end. If so, congrats. I can’t wait for the day when I’m done with having to be plugged into the world as a necessity. I’m working on it now as I’m in the process of securing the house, so I can get that thing paid off in short order while securing all the other life necessities during that time as well. So, I never “have to” do anything else again.

    I remember you writing a post a few years back on working on being able to survive on a few hundred a month and how people were calling you crazy. But once you’ve secured life’s needs, that’s not out of turn. It’s only crazy to those who can’t see themselves planning and executing.

    They can’t understand how one can live without caring about a credit score LMAO

    • There’s two way to get rich either you make more than you need or you get rid of the all needs. So I have been working on getting rid of burdens on me while still stacking. So I”m just within striking distance and I’m sloppy crossing the finish line because I’m not competing I’m just trying to finish.

      I can repair relationships and even fix my money issues but freedom has to be addressed. I could give a fvck about a credit score or even bad credit or a reputation amongst the slaves and the devils. I’m done!

  4. Interesting read, and as you’ve gotten so close to achieving your main objective, does setting a new, bigger one excite you already? Or will you bask in the self-appointed glory for a bit before heading back on the path?

    I ask because in the beginning there’s only the light keeping you motivated. In the middle there’s only the forward movement keeping you pushing. In the end, it would seem almost bittersweet to know that for all that you’ve struggled through, you’ve attained it and while no less awesome a feeling it must be you ain’t dead yet potna so there’s more to do!

    At one point I’m sure Magic Johnson thought making it to the league was it. Then winning a chip was it. Then overcoming the public backlash of getting the bug was it. Then transforming into the business magnate was it. That said, there’s always more to do and retiring isn’t in the pedigree of the go-getter.

    Long-winded as a motherfucker but all that to say keep grinding fam, we ain’t done!

    • I’m not done I’m just removing the fear of falling and failing from the equation. It’s one thing to understand with your mind it’s a whole other to say I actually bought my way out of the game. To stand amongst those who have to and you don’t have to anymore. To not care whether I am making millions of making 10 bucks is a new level of understanding.

      Simply put imagine how creative you would be, how many risks you would take on and ultimately how your overall life would be if there really wasn’t a consequence. The Compton in me doesn’t give a fvck what people say so to back that up with reality and a foundation is a real freedom.

      R&G, the businesses and the books all represent my understanding of what I need to do to be free. If you do the math R&G is about 5 years old so whether I was aware or not I was heading towards a life of not having to worry about shit. I’m not there but like I said I am close and that’s what I celebrate.

      I just have to cross the line who cares where I place and how I look doing so!

  5. It’s funny I’m going through the same situation. I quit my job and dealt with going broke and people saying I’m crazy quitting a secure government job, but I needed to be my own man. Ive havent reached my destination l, but I’m closer to it, and I’m stronger than ever.

    • Be happy that you actually woke up and changed direction. Most people are awoke in the dream state like when you kick your leg from a dream.

  6. Who is the man in the picture?

  7. “Do a run away slave fret over the next meal. No!”

    Ran across that in my recent reading. Congrats on new beginning Freeman bruh. Appreciative as hell for all the game given freely via the R&G. Salute

  8. Interestingly, the same is happening in my business where I feel I may somewhat be close while still at my job. But even then, it won’t be at 100% as I have bigger dreams and ambitions that could take at least 8-10 years to realize. I admit some are on the materialistic side lol but some will also be setting a foundation for my financial freedom that would be a starting block for my future family.

    It’s something that people may see as life changing but to me, it would be overcoming a long, overdue victory which may give me that feeling of not worrying as much for the short term and my family not having to worry about me and quite possibly going on to the next challenge.

    Even though everything has not been yet confirmed on the business side and anything could go left, I still see the light at the end of the tunnel which was vital to me taking a chance and just going for it.

    Sometimes, through the journey one has to go through so much b.s. and hope for a detour which eventually gets them to their destination but even then, stuff happens..

    But that ultimately brings the best out of every strong man on his grind. I felt it has for me even with some of the financial and possibly social setbacks I’ve taken so far.

    Glad the setbacks you’ve endured were worth something and hope I could also look back a couple of months and not regret the decision I made to get to where I would hopefully get to also.

    Out of curiosity, what is one thing that made you know that you could see the end was near despite everything you knew might have been against you and how do you know to keep going even though you may have reached the end of that battle?

    Pretty long post tbh but keep going, man!

    • I knew the end was approaching when money didn’t matter but getting through the next couple of months. Also, it’s just the end of the 5 year plan and the benchmarks have been hit.

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