As I approach the end of the plan I set forth over the past 5 years I am being challenged. I set out to create a situation where I would never have to compromise my mission for anyone. What I am doing seems damn near impossible to everyone around me. Most people I know are criticizing me because I am willing to go broke to get to the end. Now this isn’t about money as it’s really about freedom and whatever has to be sacrificed for it will be sacrificed. I’ve lost a lot of friends, love lost and even time. The challenge that is in front of me at this moment is simply just crossing the finish line. What am I willing to endure when it comes to shame, embarrassment, ridicule and even total misunderstandings are all fine with me.

What I am approaching is the end of all that I set out to do when I left Compton at 17. Through the past 20 years I have seen a lot, livedĀ  a lot and regretted absolutely nothing. I realized what I wanted forever when I was sitting in Manhattan and left it all to come back to L.A. It took me some time to regroup and turn my angles to a whole new direction. Sometimes you have to ask yourself what do you really want out of life and I’m about to answer mine. There’s nothing in this world that I can’t have and there’s not to many things left that I haven’t already had.

The End is merely the end of my reason to fight when I had nothing. It’s funny how now to be nothing brings me more peace than to be something. It’s the end of a fear that everyone who grew up with nothing has to come to grips with. No psychologist can describe it and solve it… it’s something you have to live. Whatever is said about me after I reach the end will mean absolutely nothing and from this point on every step I take will be Free.

Note: The R&G will continue and this isn’t a suicide note. LMBAO