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We all have it but we never pay attention to it. We turn it down and then say it’s not real. We do all the calculations and still doubt our own numbers. We rather kick ourselves for not going with what we knew. We often can’t explain why we know what’s about to happen but we feel it in the air! ENJOY



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  1. Off topic. On the foodsid i always knew something was up with soy i thought is just had estrogen in it and made men grow breast. But put me on to something i did not know. That is why i everytime i go to thr the store i check if it has soy in it. Freeman what do you eat it seems like you know not to fuck wit things kale or soy csuse you know whats up. Im asking cause i recenlty cut meat of my diet. I still eat fish. But as far a chicken pork beef i have not ate in 3 months. I just wanted to know if you give had advice what i could eat or avoid

    • I eat organic eggs (orange yolks) with cheese and turkey sausage every morning. I have rice, peas and carrots with 1 chicken thigh for lunch and I have pasta with 1 chicken thigh for dinner. I drink only distilled water and I have a beet smoothie with a orange, banana, green apple and orange juice if I get hungry. I have apple cider vinegar with lemon 3 times a day with a glass of water. Vitamins are calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, Alive Men mutivitamin, potassium and garlic pills.

      Overall I concentrate on protein and vitamins with a gallon of water per day. I lift weights twice a day (big beyond belief) and do about a hour of cardio. On the weekends I usually go hiking as a quick way to burn calories.

      It took me a while to get to this point nutrition wise. So on the road to this point I researched almost everything I eat. That’s why I know more than usual.

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