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I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…. Whitney Houston R.I.P…. This is a newer Negro Spiritual where we believe by educating our children in this school system and letting them go through life they will somehow make things better. We should kick the can down the street and provide absolutely no guidance or wisdom so they can be unfettered in their life. This is the bullshit that keeps a people in one place and it’s the bullshit I will proceed to address. ENJOY!



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  1. Real talk, it almost seems like a crab in the barrel kind of effect when it comes to wisdom being passed along. I remember seeing my white friends in middle and high school go home to actual homes while my poor ass headed back to the bricks and I always wondered what was different.

    Pops is a truck driver but during my formative years homie never really put me up on game. Living an upper lower class lifestyle, not seeing the use of formal education outside of the grandparents saying I’d regret it later.

    It took me damn near 30 years to see eye to eye money-wise with him and only recently beyond it; imagine if pops had done what the white folks do and put me on his trade? Even if I didn’t stick with it in the same capacity as he did I would’ve been introduced to what this life’s all about earlier.

    • Simple bruh everyone older has figured out how to make money. If we simply tell the generation behind exactly what we do and how it’s going down then they will be informed and skilled. They they can then build in a new way or just get a job while the old folk can get them in there.

      Instead we go out into the wilderness hoping that we somehow figure out how to make a living. We stumble doing dumb shit for at least 5 -7 years and then we straighten up. We consider that to be normal.

      You can’t build if every generation has to start over from scratch! Shit just pass on how to get a job where you work and that’ll at least stop the 5-7 years of wandering around in the wilderness.

  2. I think alot of parents live by this “I’ll let me child figure it out” in terms of their passions and that kind of thing. But even if the parent whose a plumber taught their son how to fix toilets, the child can still do something else. He just knows how to fix toilets to make some money when he needs it.

    People tend to get caught up in their careers being what defines them. So learning this and that seems nonsensical to them because “I’m an economist and I don’t need to know how to fix a car.” But if dude knew how to fix cars, he could’ve been making money during college and wouldn’t have $100K in student loan debt.

    Hell, if someone just knew how to buy wholesale and sell retail on Ebay at 18 they’d have a leg up over all the other college freshmen.

    I’m in the process of buying the house to secure the bottom floor of the empire (Dollar15 style) and at one house tour I saw a father rehabbing a house. He had his 5-6 year old son out there with him cutting and measuring wood. Imagine how much skill that kid will have by 10. He’ll be a money maker by his teens.

    Same can be done with anything. Even white collar sh#t, so the next generation has the ability to make some money while they build their own.

    • It’s just illogical overall to send your kid at 18 out into the world saying find your way. There’s no such thing as passion just money because passion is a luxury for the rich. The rest of us are finding a cool place in hell. So a skill-set based primarily off of money is the key to making money because it’s you don’t care it just makes money. It’s not based on up or down it’s just I seen this shit work before. That’s all business is.

      The proof is out there cuz you always see Joe and Son plumbing. The father didn’t put and son for fvcking fun. So we just ignore the obvious to pursue something that never makes money in the first place a fvcking job. To build with the idea that I’m going to advance in another person’s business is crazy.

      Even Obama can teach his girls the blueprint to the presidency. People don’t want their children to be trapped so they urge them to find their own trap.

  3. Whitney stole that song from Randy Watson! (LMFAO)

    Man this is so true! Me and my fam was joking about how everyone has an rbg flag but who the hell is selling them? Who is making the black lives matter shirts?! Who brings the ink and emulsion screens from India? Why dont dudes with tshirt shops practice vertical integrati-oops I mean just buy and control every aspect they can of their industry?!

    …when I was a kid I learned Economies of Scale and Opportunity. Fast forward we’re in college learning an extended 2 week version of these same simple ass concepts-buy low,and sell high so you can buy hella more for hella low, ergo profit goes up and you grow way faster. You screw up ya money by flossin and not investing in your come up.

    Showing us statistical data on demographics when its as simple as white people love ice cream in hot weather.

    If I didnt see “Marketing Diploma graduates can make $70,000/yr.” I would’ve NEVER went to college. I’m telling you man I kept listening to people say “Once you get that piece of paper…” crap, when REALLY the only paper needed is a permit. And MOST of this idiotic rhetoric comes from the old heads with “stable” jobs. All the billionaires dropped out and WENT for it! …Dave Thomas, Bill Gates…like I was sitting in classs like “bro hold on he dropped out of school and just made hella burgers!”

    I once told my boy if people just added Coming to America and American Gangster, they’d figure it out lol

  4. Isn’t it weird that we all start off from nothing over and over again. Yours, mine and countless others seem to just get kicked out into this world and waste years trying to find a way. We get called stupid for not just following the script. We get called stupid for thinking and knowing there’s more than the bullshit life they live. Most of us fold under the constant bombardment from those who are slaves. That’s why the game provides inspiration because deep down we know that road don’t go nowhere. So any singing, rapping or speaking on riches makes us feel good, the good or the GOD that’s within us.

    This game is about heart and those who jump are rewarded. Those who are scared admire. This game is simply us believing in ourselves. What you see is real! Really you’re going to make it real!

    • A little bit off topic but it might still apply.

      I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what might be a simple concept to others but is kicking my ass: if I sold tennis shoes with a black angle am I no better than Nike? If I cut prices to reflect understanding of cost and perceived value I’d be called cheap but if I kept them competitive price-wise wouldn’t I be just as predatory as the devils?

      I’m beginning to feel like the game is the game and the play is to get rich and give back afterwards versus trying to help on the come up. I realize that not everyone wants the world, some just want a hot meal and a cold beer and if they don’t get it from me they’ll get it elsewhere but damn if getting this money doesn’t seem to sit in the way of righteousness at times.

      • You have to hide the righteousness in the dog food. You could always donate a portion to a Black focused charity or simply give al the money for the betterment of where you came from.

        First get freedom and independence; next get the legacy and finally give back. You don’t need to have that as the forefront of your hustle or reasoning. Be aggressive in building your empire your morality and sense of giving back will never leave you. In fact getting rich will show you all the ways the devil teaches us to forever think backwards.

        The only people who want a hotmeal and a cold beer are slaves who want simplicity from a life of plantation with no means of escape. Make money and worry about all that you can do after. Don’t clutter your mind …. get the money and have the luxury to give back!

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