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In baseball some guys are the designated hitter and they usually are able to hit a home run. In baseball the lead off hitter is also a home run hitter. In other words some people have the ability to do big things. Sure everyone can hit a homerun but it seems some designate themselves or they get designated. With money some people just naturally think big and as a result you will have a conflict with people who thought what they did was big. 5618479b-7363-4cd8-921e-a77a49ee5763_460x345-download-center_03


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  1. “…my potential is a motherfucker.”


  2. I did a quick search on that 1098 exchange you mentioned but wasn’t sure what I was looking for (the results talked about 1098s for mortgage interest, points and PMI or – E for student loans, – T for tuition and – C for vehicles, boats and airplanes).

    Mind swinging back through with a link or two that better explains that game? From context it seemed you could take some rent houses you owned and then swap them for an apartment complex of equal value?

    Great show and the #1 reason I keep rocking with you is because of gems like these.

    • It’s actually a 1031 exchange I was thinking about so you can google IRS Code 1031 or 1031 exchange where you can pretty much swap properties without paying taxes.

  3. It’s funny how ideas can intimidate people so much. Simply wanting more than them makes them start to hate. I think it makes people feel small when everything build their life on is moreso a pass through for someone else.

    Job – them, career….RnG, hustle

    House – them, mortgage and tax write offs….RnG, first step to true independence and base of operations

    Business – them, not worth the hassle….RnG, means to the empire

    Shiny suit – just them lol

    • Bruh your them and then the R&G quotes is exactly what I’m trying to get across! Shiny suit -them, brother who sold them the shiny suit R&G!

      Success to most people is doing better than everyone they know. So if you did better than your parents you say I improved. All this is great until you meet someone who came from a lot less and then he runs past you. Then you starting hating saying Compton, drugs, gangbanging, and overall poverty was your secret to success. Sheeiittt we were in the same spot doing the same thing and yo ass just wanted to get on base.

      It’s a hate that you have to get there to experience. It’s a hate that shows up from your family and the bullshit that comes out of their mouth. It’s a hate that is so unexpected you decided that you need to walk this life alone.

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