Your goal in life is to never be in a position where someone has to teach you a lesson. Usually when someone teaches you a lesson they are punishing you in some very harsh manner. You could need their help and they think you ask to much so I’m not going to help you this time to teach you a lesson. Most people believe this is tough love but it’s really an emotional anger couched in words that seem likes it’s building you in some way. When a asshole wants to do asshole things they will put in a way that un-involved people from the outside will think you have to do that to people sometimes.

Your teacher taught you a lesson and had a lesson plan right? These people don’t have a plan at all they are just saying I’m going to give them a hard time. I’m going to annihilate a young kat so he knows not to do that anymore. I’m going to embarrass a young woman so she stops being so naive. I’m going to actually make someone close to me go through a hard time so they can dig deep. What’s funny is after they so called teach you a lesson they want you to come out of that saying you helped me out a lot and I thank you for letting me see my own destruction up close and personal.

The sheer evil of these words has made many of you hate your parents, brothers and sisters. They have caused friendships to end and probably sent you into a tailspin it took years for you to recover from. When you hear someone say to you they are going to teach you a lesson walk away from them at that moment. End all conversations and push them out of your life and only communicate through text messages. No adult teaches another adult a lesson without some kind of malice in their heart.

If the lesson isn’t constructive then it’s destructive! Intelligent people always hide their vengeance in constructive terms but destructive results. Might as well walk away from the devil that very second!