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Your goal in life is to never be in a position where someone has to teach you a lesson. Usually when someone teaches you a lesson they are punishing you in some very harsh manner. You could need their help and they think you ask to much so I’m not going to help you this time to teach you a lesson. Most people believe this is tough love but it’s really an emotional anger couched in words that seem likes it’s building you in some way. When a asshole wants to do asshole things they will put in a way that un-involved people from the outside will think you have to do that to people sometimes.

Your teacher taught you a lesson and had a lesson plan right? These people don’t have a plan at all they are just saying I’m going to give them a hard time. I’m going to annihilate a young kat so he knows not to do that anymore. I’m going to embarrass a young woman so she stops being so naive. I’m going to actually make someone close to me go through a hard time so they can dig deep. What’s funny is after they so called teach you a lesson they want you to come out of that saying you helped me out a lot and I thank you for letting me see my own destruction up close and personal.

The sheer evil of these words has made many of you hate your parents, brothers and sisters. They have caused friendships to end and probably sent you into a tailspin it took years for you to recover from. When you hear someone say to you they are going to teach you a lesson walk away from them at that moment. End all conversations and push them out of your life and only communicate through text messages. No adult teaches another adult a lesson without some kind of malice in their heart.

If the lesson isn’t constructive then it’s destructive! Intelligent people always hide their vengeance in constructive terms but destructive results. Might as well walk away from the devil that very second!


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  1. So, Freeman, this would be very applicable to family members who do things to disrupt your ability to be more autonomous and self-sufficient, “for your own good.”…?

    • Hey I couldn’t write it if I wasn’t living it myself. It’s weird and I just want people to get out of ahead of it so when you hear that statement just walk away.

  2. Basically people who will take an opportunity to be an asshole just for the sake of doing it, while disguising it as genuine concern…and wonder why you’re looking to stay around to take it…

    • Exactly! That’s why you have to walk away before it actually starts messing your life up. People say things and then want you to forgive them. So you have to know when to stop them from talking so you have some form of forgiveness left.

  3. I know you got reach folk in the works, but your boy tariq nasheed has his own app moorus.com its a social media app for blsck folks by black folks. If you have a iphone you can download it. Also melanoid nation. Com did a article promitng your your app

    • Yeah I saw Moorus and have already downloaded it to my phone. Hey there’s enough money for all of us in this game and his app is not going in the same direction as mine. Maybe it’s just time for Black folks to start getting our own even social media wise. So I’m proud to be part of it and I will do my part in it.

      Yeah I saw the link back to Rfolk from melanoid nation. It’s good to have people spreading the word so I’m thankful.

  4. Couldn’t agree more Freeman! Anything that seems like malice always stinks…

    Quick question, I turned a desk job interview into a sales position, and after being intrigued with my ideas, they wanted me to give them a business proposal for a marketing campaign they would start for a client. I got it pretty much wrapped up, but the issue is;
    1. I’m not officially hired.
    2. There’s no guarantee they will follow through with the project I laid out(for me to collect on if they start.)
    3. There’s no guarantee that after I pitch the proposal, they wont take what they need from the concept and run with it on the back end.(without me getting paid)

    Conclusion: Screw them. I’ll just rent an hourly office, charge 20 people $100, and teach them an extended version of this concept at a length long enough to justify them sitting for 2 hours to learn how to market their business. This way its money up front, and HELLA more cash than a “maybe” commission. I could run weekly classes and clock nicely!

    You see this the same way? They kept calling for a few days. Nobody is thirsty to hire people like that man. I got a habit of spilling business jewels for free just based on random stuff I read, and I think they want the gold in my brain.

    I learned from Freeman101 to watch for the con, and pocket the parlay.

    • It’s business time so you need to stop running from opportunity on the phone. Research how someone in your position capitalized on the same thing. If this is truly a process you need to name it after yourself and start writing a book. Tell that company you want to be compensated for this idea as it’s outside of the your job scope. Be ready to walk away because most devils just want to steal not deal.

      Talk money first as you are in sales and they shouldn’t expect you just to hand over things without some form of compensation. If they say you are a employee tell them the work you do for them is an employee what you come up with is not their property. Again be ready to walk away.

      Offer them a compromise and say for a discounted rate you could explain to everyone as you are using it for your book. That way they get some reward but you have to be the only one teaching it to the sales staff. No recorders, no cell phones and no spying shit which they will do.

      Again be ready to walk away. Whenever someone says they want you to innovate a position they want you to take your entrepreneurial spirit and give it to them for the discounted slave rate. Again be ready to walk away.

  5. Well I was already in the process of writing a 5 class curriculum for a course I will be teaching as my own business, and this is an aspect of it. I got the numbers plotted out. I got enough info to make a 10 class course…Only thing left is making the ads for it and powerpoints etc. The money is good. Its based upon ticket sales with expenses being really low because rental space is cheap, and rated by time,not capacity. I spend $60-$100/hr whether I have 10ppl paying $80, or 20 paying $150…and thats an hour of teaching what I have in this proposal.

    As for the numbers with this company, I’m looking at either 5-7% commission of the project rewarded IF the company can execute OR I charge up to $150/hr to oversee the project. Issues are; they dont have the people in place to do it(social media person,web designer,photographer/videographer)… I considered getting the people in place myself, but again by the time it gets started, a month or 2 might pass. Hell I’m not even sure they have the cash for it all…

    In that same amount of time, I would’ve executed my main project that isnt predicated upon anything but my own efforts-which I’d rather depend on than all these other variables…I hope I dont seem like an askhole I’m just sayin man

    Like man they want to sell cd’s….

    • If they don’t have the capacity then the easy answer is no deal. You need to proceed with your own plans and either get a commission from teaching it or just GO FISH. I’m a firm believer in things are revealed to you and although you might share them you are the only one who can capitalize on it.

      So with that said you answered your own question. Don’t worry about being a asshole it’s your business and your idea so that’s your guilt speaking because no one really knows your true asshole nature at this moment.

      • Yeah I just wanted some feedback from a hellafied reliable source man I appreciate it!

        At this point I just really think it’s dumb to do all the legwork for a “maybe” fee to convince people who may not believe they need the campaign or even have the cash or discipline to do it, when I can group a bunch of people who got the money up front and are thirsty to know this stuff. I was in mid stride with this project when I had this interview and after working the numbers, the time aint as worth it. Besides, the business education competition around here is either motivational fluff, or practical-but long textbook info nobody wants to read,as well as no specifics on how to execute.

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