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intakeThere is nothing to fear but fear itself and maybe a white police officer huh? What you allow yourself to be shook by, focus on and overall become important will change the way you walk through this life. People ask me how I stay focused and I always say I watch what I take in. I see it, recognize it and then move on. I don’t allow the bad of the world to reach my heart nor infiltrate my mind. What others are doing is opening the gate to be terrorized by their so called need for information.

It’s not that you’re scared but if you watch a man get killed 200 times your mind thinks it happened 200 times and one of those 200 might just happen to you!



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  1. I tell my wife this all the time. She jumps on social media and the news every time there’s a killing and starts feeling down. If anything, blacks need to realize that (r)evolution begins at home. Build yourself first, family second, community third and nation fourth. If every blackman and woman had that mindset things like this would either cease happening or force the curtain back so that a determined opponent would be shown to rally against.

    • My own husband helped me with intake as well. Explaining to me the dangers of taking in bullsh#t because our minds are not built to process the overload. To do so is to weaken yourself before the enemy even gets to deal with you directly.
      I also agree in the order of the build starting with self, then family, community then nation. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough of our people on the same values existing in close enough proximity to make those builds effective. For example, even in the height of regentrification nationwide blacks are still scrambling to live in white suburbs. Why not secure whole blocks in the hoods while the stock is still high and prices are low?

  2. People get scared in movies by always creating a scene that you feel could happen to you. So the first time we see it we all say that’s fvcked up. The second time we get mad. The third time we say damn it’s enough. After that mfers start crying and start getting scared and it’s the same fvcking video.

    There’s a pattern to this and we just have to cut that pattern so we can stay focused on what just happened and what we need to do. Sometimes you just have to cut the TV off.

  3. I just had to stop by the R&G to check how things are going. Anyway I was just thinking about a picture that I seen recently. You may have seen it as well. It was about this high school football time lying on the ground with their hands out to protest. You know that protest” hands up don’t shoot”. Don’t shoot unarmed black men… Initially I thought well they are protesting the only way they know who, even though I dont agree with it. But, I gave it a few things and I see a greater evil coming out of this. It is training.. No programing our black youth to lay on the ground when they see police. You know racist man and racist women. Everyone else think that they did a good thing. I say you dont teach youth that its good to lay down and dont fight. and to beg. this is the mistake that teh civil rights generation had. You know lets march and turn the other cheek bull. Just wondering your thoughts on that.. I know this was a little long winded but im just p.o.ed

    • I’d rather we teach the young to take note and organize a boycott of something random. The mistake of the civil rights people is they keep wanting to show their disgust. But, in this day and age you can easily tell everyone to stop buying a certain product via Intagram, Facebook and Twitter. For the people who want to get out and do something take all that frustration and help our own communities. What a waste of energy to march up and down the damn streets saying sayings from 1920.

      Yes, I agree with you overall because you’re actually teaching young black men how to give up. Putting your hands in the air is a psychological action that says you win. Why teach any of our children how to just roll over and show their belly in a submissive state.

  4. I was also listening to Nelly Fueller about how you should approach white people, and to sum it up he pretty much said that they all should be suspected racist or white supremist b/c we don’t know who they are. One my take his white hoodie off and then go in the the court house and give a young brother 100 years for a gram of marijuana. So I was talking to someone else on how i suspect them all until proven otherwise and they said i am wrong. thats what they do to us so we shouldn’t do it to them….. I didn’t understand the response. i guess he was taking the stance that hey I got white friends and they are cool with me.. But my response was well doing slavery their was slave owners and everyone else. but you know what they did nothing to stop it and even participated in it to an extent. but then they are like well they wasnt the ones hitting us with the whips so they are not racist.. Just wondering your thoughts about that and how some blacks defend these others with out even knowing it.

    • You have to remember Black people accept their status and treatment in this country. They believe it will take 200 years for White people to become good and allows us to be next to them. So when you ask the average slave to treat them in kind he’s going to say no because he’s going to be better than them and I shouldn’t treat people the way they treat me…. I should treat them better?

      What you think and how you do things should be for you. Don’t spread it unless you run into a like minded person. When you tell your position they only thing the slave can do is run and tell other people and maybe even the master. Always remember the weak benefit from the stance of the strong. What the weak do and how they handle being dominated is not worth studying.

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