tumblr_nmtpty1otg1r25k9co1_1280There are two kinds of energy you can draw from in life and hustle.

The first is energy from overcoming, competition and overall aggressiveness. This energy is what the majority of people use to propel themselves in life. The wanting to be Number 1, the wanting to be recognized by your peers and the wanting to beat others is what America is built off of.  All of your movies deal with this kind of energy as the loser finds himself through challenge and then through dominance. The error in this thinking is naturally there can only be one and it builds resentment all the way through.

The second energy is from discovery. Either you stumble into a idea or you are always searching for information that can lead to your own end and betterment. This energy is the uniqueness that makes other people follow you, makes people stand is awe of you and overall makes you hard to beat. When a person discovers things he immediately adapts them into their lives and moves different from this day forward. Sure other people will try to compete against them but they know what they know and have cannot be won over. The only error in this thinking is not realizing others will start to hate you for not measuring yourself against them.

Your whole life you have drawn your energy from the 1st example and are starting to realize you have been connned. When a man who used to play football doesn’t make to the NFL he is a has been. When a woman who figured out how to fix a car opened up a woman’s only car garage she is looked at like a Unicorn.

If this post hasn’t make you evaluate the way you think… well I’m sure you have great stories!