tumblr_nmtpty1otg1r25k9co1_1280There are two kinds of energy you can draw from in life and hustle.

The first is energy from overcoming, competition and overall aggressiveness. This energy is what the majority of people use to propel themselves in life. The wanting to be Number 1, the wanting to be recognized by your peers and the wanting to beat others is what America is built off of.  All of your movies deal with this kind of energy as the loser finds himself through challenge and then through dominance. The error in this thinking is naturally there can only be one and it builds resentment all the way through.

The second energy is from discovery. Either you stumble into a idea or you are always searching for information that can lead to your own end and betterment. This energy is the uniqueness that makes other people follow you, makes people stand is awe of you and overall makes you hard to beat. When a person discovers things he immediately adapts them into their lives and moves different from this day forward. Sure other people will try to compete against them but they know what they know and have cannot be won over. The only error in this thinking is not realizing others will start to hate you for not measuring yourself against them.

Your whole life you have drawn your energy from the 1st example and are starting to realize you have been connned. When a man who used to play football doesn’t make to the NFL he is a has been. When a woman who figured out how to fix a car opened up a woman’s only car garage she is looked at like a Unicorn.

If this post hasn’t make you evaluate the way you think… well I’m sure you have great stories!


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  1. It’s this thought precisely, the study and better use of my energy, that I’ve been really taking into account as of late. Partly because I realize that there is so much possible at my fingertips and partly because I realize that in order to really get to the heights of success (not only financial but as a free-thinking black man) I have to be better grounded in the use of my energy every day.

    My issue is learning to better hide or polish the roughness of my demeanor. I’ve been told that I have a very intense aura about me (mainly because I focus on elevation all day every day for the most part) and can come across very brusque and unfriendly because I don’t shoot the shit. Do you have any recommendations for etiquette books I can read to pick up how to disguise that aggressiveness?

    As a side note I wanted to say thanks for putting me up on game about the S Corp; it’s taken me a while to get to the point where I can get it up but now I see the true beauty in it:

    you can effectively run your entire life through it and even if you don’t have a business yet you can make it so you, from the moment you get it up, work for yourself and use the same tactics as the devils do to start building generational wealth through deductions.

    …salutes from atop Mt. Monetarious, Ltd…

    • You hide in plain sight by picking something that everyone has in common like the Lakers and becoming a expert. So I’m sure you like something other than just making money and that’s what you will use to a common man. Also, do common things like mowing a lawn and overall dressing down. People will assume you are a simple man because you show them simple things. They will know something is different but they’ll drop it because you do the same things as them. They’ll just think you are from out of town and let it be at that.

      No problem as the SCorp is the structure most of us should be using as it’s corporate protection as a sole proprietorship. Remember to keep up your taxes every year before March 15th or you’ll be penalized for not turning them in on time. Sooner or later you’ll be turning in your personal with your SCorp form 1120s at the same time to avoid any issues. Remember March 15th will forever become the deadline for your taxes.

      Now that you have the real structure for business all things from your ideas to your products can all be housed within the Scorp.

  2. Powerful post man! Salute !

  3. People seem to either be intrigued by the second type of energy or they tend to hate for no reason. Even if you try to stay out the way. Whenever a man knows what he knows and doesn’t try to explain it or gain followers to his perspective, people think he’s “deep.” When he just has a perspective, lives by it and doesn’t someone to validate it.

    I see this a lot with the middle class set. They have so many middle classisms that when they see someone who looks like them but doesn’t think like them, they have a hard time adjusting sometimes.

    S-Corp been on my radar. I’ve heard of people opening these up just for the sake of it and moving everything under it. Even personal things not related to business. That the game?

    • I think the energy is a level of understanding. Once you realize you have no competition you discover things easier, walk down the street easier and overall carry a different demeanor. Most people never look inward to discover what makes them unique especially if they have been taught their whole life to beat everyone outside. You can see it in kids with school clothes in elementary as everyone is not trying to look their best but really thee best.

      S-Corp are a corporation but not a C corporation like big companies. So you are recognized as a corporation and allowed the deductions of a corporation and the protection of a corporation. Depending on the business you’re in it depends… most property companies are LLC’s.

      S-Corps to ME, are the best starting point because once you get big you can switch the structure over to a C-corporation and get listed on the stock exchange. So it’s a catchall and your deductions are easier to understand.

  4. I find that I have benefitted from combining the things and resources that I have discovered. I’ve learned to be better at adjusting the level of my conversation to suit the situation and who I’m talking to.

    I have been definitely exercising greater discipline in being more selective in what threads I respond to on social media. I get better mileage out of talking to people in the inbox and sharing pertinent information.

    • Once you realize that you control all things that deal with you you’ll decide your level of interaction. Afterall any kind of confrontation needs two people and the only thing that keeps you there is trying to make a point to another. If you know the point and understand that it’s worthless you’ll let it go.

  5. What about a LLC? Can’t we use that as an investment company structure? Maybe add partnering companies.

    • The LLC can be formed from an association of businesses and people. So it can be Yababa Inc and Johnny from over on 182nd. So the structure is very flexible. You see LLC with property investment companies and with two people. So it’s one of the best structures.

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