sacrificeI was talking to my nephew the other day and as he’s about to graduate we reflected on the last 4 years. He has went from a kid who didn’t know what he was made of into a young man who doesn’t know what he’s made of. He made the typical statements of these jobs don’t really pay enough, I don’t know where I want to live and I really just want to do what I want to do in life. I told him that’s normal and only a few people realize all of that and then decide it’s all bullshit and does what they want to do. I told him when I was his age I was broke with no where to go so I had to choose money over myself.

To point him in the right direction I told him someone has to sacrifice. I stated my grandfather left Mississippi in the 20’s and went to college and the whole family followed to Ohio. From that my great Uncle settled in Oakland and his sister settled in Boston. My mother settled in LA and you are the sum result of my grandfather leaving Mississippi. With that said go in the direction that will change the fate of all who come after you. When I started my business and went to New York it changed the mentality of every child in our family.

There’s a choice on the table to be average or to be great. Not great for the world but great for your family. So someone has to sacrifice all the luxuries they could get by just being normal. You might not get married til 35, you might not have a house like everyone else, you might not have a career. But, you will have a record of doing exactly what you wanted and you will stand different in the wind than these scared frail mawfvckers. You have to sit down and really decide you are willing to sacrifice this scripted life for the one only you see. You’ll change the world and all those who meet you!