Somethings are a threat to you just by their nature. Some things are a threat to you just by your nature. If you are scared then big people threaten you. If you are guilty the one you wronged threatens you. If you believe everything you hear then everything threatens you.  What can a person really do about what other perceive of them but….. embrace it and understand it and realize they have an advantage. Only the weak perceive the ability to be a threat as a disadvantage.

Threat: a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done; a person or thing likely to cause damage or danger.




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  1. In 2016, most of us still don’t get it. The quicker we get it, the better off we’ll be.

    • We don’t want to get it thus we don’t want to accept it. All this WHY a kid is considered an adult and tried as an adult. All this WHY are people scared of us. All this WHY there is a double standard… will all disappear when we recognize what we are.

      No one will advocate this angle because it actually empowers you and it’s better for a GOD to think he is mortal among the mortals.

  2. I remember some years back a (white) friend I had told me about a research study done that showed blacks had smaller brains and thicker skulls, resulting in them being less capable than whites. Now, he told me this as we played Bushido Blade and drank Mountain Dew and being that we were kids not even in high school yet, I didn’t think too deeply on it.

    As an adult, I realize that I remembered that incident for two reasons: 1. He felt the need to tell me, his supposed friend, this. It was a statement–not a discussion jumping off point–and thus he didn’t care if I got offended or not.

    2. He couldn’t have possibly had an interest in racial differences and even further have a discriminatory undertone at that age; we weren’t even up on girls yet so something as complex as this (which might’ve spawned from an article in a pseudo-racist publication like Scientific American) had to have been passed down by someone older than him. My guess is his parents.

    What strikes me is how I, in my naivety, somehow made it past being a poor black kid from the ghetto saddled with preconceived notions and ill-fitting stereotypes to be allowed in his home (in my mind at least) an equal only to be reminded I’m not good enough by someone I held in high regards.

    I liked comic books, video games and even fucking Shakespeare but because of my geographic location or socioeconomic class I’m STILL lesser than? Fuck all that.

    • Just about every BlackMan has an amazing story. It doesn’t have to be a ghetto story but, it is overcoming the odds. We have so many people beating the odds on a daily basis that we take it for granted. None of us have a unblemished life in this country. None of us wake up and head to work, walk outside or even drop off our kids at school without some trepidation. We live with bad odds and still smile through them.

      The game is to make you apologize for your strength and to actually base your whole life on acceptance and recognition by others. Arrogance or Self Confidence is to be reigned in. Our intelligence is to be used by others and never realized for ourselves. It’s a OCEAN 11 con job going on against us.

      Your example is no different that many of us. You are born into this situation and your naivety dismissed it but the GOD in you never forgot!

  3. I just saw the link up at the top for the RFK donations; I probably missed the explanation but what’s that for big homie?

  4. Great podcast. We have to appreciate the fact that God has blessed us with superior strength, abilities and talents. When we are focused on any endeavor we can and will take over. All races know this except for us. It doesn’t matter if it’s sports, the arts, medicine, etc. Imagine if we built our own Iphone or Drone?

    • Exactly! We naturally do these things with or without formal education, training or interference. But, if we don’t start getting our own then all of our talents and gifts will be taken by others and made for us to feel it would be better in their hands. It’s a ugly ugly issue when we believe in others more than we believe in ourselves.

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