Position of Power on Royally Melanated Podcast.

I recently had a interview with the Brothers over at Royally Melanated. These are brothers who listen to the R&G and started their own children book company of color. I was honored to be asked and I’m honored to offer their books to you on the R&G and to follow them on their website¬† Royally Melanated. Check out the¬† links to the podcast below on SoundCloud and on Youtube.




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  1. Great interview! You always real and raw. Looking forward to your next book

    • I’ve been so busy I try not to drop a title for the book but, it’s definitely around the corner.

      I always approach every interview like I might only have this chance to catch a brother who took a chance to listening. So I try to be more animated and more raw to get cats to want to build and know more. It’s all part of a plan to hit em hard when my time comes up in the ring!

  2. DF. Its been a long time since I posted. Been on the grind. I have this Job offering 10k more than my current pay. But you have to take this test in 6 weeks to keep it. Crazy right. But I’ll take it anyway. Got to take a chance on my life. Also I’m in stocks. Have you looked into that since the last time I checked in to the r&g.

    • Bruh I don’t do stocks as it stops you from concentrating on a solid base. Gambling is gambling homie and I don’t care if they call it speculation or whatever word the devil uses to disguise the intent. I have had stocks in the past but I stick to things that have to happen like power, water and food than things that could happen like apple or google.

      Like you said it’s just taking a chance on yourself. If you lose so what it’s better than living life with regret. Sounds like a stock job to me where they pay for your classes and then if you don’t pass they stop paying you.

      We all take chance and the biggest one is on ourselves. In the beginning we confuse what’s a opportunity and what’s doing for self. But, it’ll become clear when you wonder why they need you to pass a test in order to make money what side of the coin you really are on.

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