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Cash is King.. and Credit is for Slaves! The devil has been indoctrinating you into the credit scam since you came of age at 18. The devil has made you need credit to even get your own place to live from your apartment to your house. But, the remedy for credit is to get your house and a car and then not use it for anything other than business ever again. Trump filed for bankruptcy 2 or more times and yet he’s still on top right? So what you don’t realize is you need to make cash and don’t worry about paying credit back if it harms your bottom line!



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  1. Classic podcast! I remember watching Dick Gregory and he always laugh at how black people worried so much about having good credit. I remember him saying “I’m tired of all these good blacks. Broke with good credit. I want to meet some n#ggas like me. A bunch of cash and no credit score.” He always talked about buying stuff on credit and not paying it back on some “who cares” sh#t LMAO.

    I’ve always felt that credit was for people who had no cash. If you had $100,000 in the bank, would you even need credit? And for what? Most emergencies are $1000 or less. You can buy a nice car for $25-30k. You can get a house for that amount. If you had $100K, you would get all types of credit offers, so you wouldn’t even have to use your own cash anyway. And if you used all their credit and said “f#ck em”, you still have $100K in your pocket, so you aint starving.

    You’re right. Once you have a house and a car(s) paid off, what else can’t you just save to get? And if you’ve got the right kind of insurance, from home to auto to life, what can really affect your wallet? As it just a claim and a check will be in the mail.

    Maybe this is a question for back channels, but how do you get around the red tape for dealer license? In PA, they want you to actually have a business location and confirm proof. Maybe it’s different in CA?

    Also, who’s the lady at the end of the podcast? She sounds like she on that “f#ck em” sh#t too LMAO

    • Once you know that credit, FICO and all the other related shit isn’t worth a damn then you stop worrying about it. It’s good only for a house because they cost so much. Once you have the house and the fixed rate then fvck credit again as long as you pay your mortgage and pay off the house.

      Credit is for slaves and I mean financial slaves as you need it to finance your comfort on the plantation. You need credit to rent a apartment, finance a car and then to waste your credit limit becoming the ultimate customer.

      100K flush with cash is way more than enough as 50K flush would handle most cats lives anyway. I just wanted people to know to hurry up and get a house, any house; and then you’ll see that all this shit doesn’t mean a damn.

      PA has always been a asshole when it comes to getting a business started. PA does require a physical location, a office, a landline phone and a sign already up for your dealership before they approve you. In other states I just see regular cats with a dealer license going to Manheim. Maybe you should check NJ since you’re close.

      Susie Orman is the lady at the end. I know that shocks a lot of people but even she says once it’s on your record fvck trying to pay them back as it won’t clear your credit. Now she doesn’t say that on the regular but if you do some digging everyone knows fvck credit and fico scores.

  2. I’m glad you showed the difference between building credit and paying off debt; some might get the two confused and incur debt when they don’t have to. That guy you mentioned in the podcast might be Edward Bernays (who is credited with inventing the concept of marketing and wrote a pretty in-depth book on it called Propaganda–worth a read if anyone hasn’t already as it outlines the steps to control a body of people through visuals and messages, essentially a guidebook on how to create a false sense of need and more eloquently turn a body of people who are otherwise self-sufficient into a rabid and illogical customer base or what I like to call the Bible: Land equation).

    Question: If one was available, how would you pitch an alternative to the devil’s dollar in the form of a crypto-currency to black people?

    • You don’t pitch an alternative to the dollar as that will get you killed i.e. Kadafi and Sadam Hussein. What you pitch instead a bartering system based on the dollar but with no dollars exchanged. So if I have a car and you have a diamond we can both get them appraised and determine a dollar value and exchange those items without the dollar. If that takes hold then you create a separate system without devaluing the current dollar. In due time as a group we will determine our own value of items based on our inherent demands and a natural separation will happen. You can’t assess taxes on perceived value and thus there is no real government oversight.

      Yes the devil Bernays. If you read up on him you will see a chief architect Devil. He created what causes so much problems in the world right now and why people kill over things and not ideas.

  3. One of my favorite quotes: Way too many people buy shit they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t know.

  4. Man…I truly appreciate this post.

  5. Awesome podcast topic, my brother

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