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What’s Smart to most people is quantified and measured through your education! But, to those of us who are truly smart we know it’s application of knowledge. Ahhh yes there’s is yet another level of smart young padawan and that relates to doing the right things in the present to build a solid future. These things will never be appreciated and thus you will never be appreciated for all the smart things you do and are doing. So be prepared for no one thinking you’re smart but the bank, very rich people and hopefully your significant other. Because, to the streets and all the classes of street you are a lame in this game.



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  1. I’m waaaay over all this in the news because it’s the outcry of a powerless people begging for literal change rather than creating their own. As I’ve engaged in money getting for myself I’ve learned that the rule I use for it (diverting conversation away from any topics that might ruin the transaction with an “I have no opinion” take) works just as well for friends and family too.

    It’s your fault Freeman–you and your Non-Cent$ lol.

    You’re right though; you can’t motivate others to do for self because if they are looking for motivation outside of their own pockets and limited scope of influence then what they’re really looking for is a father figure, not a way out.

    Too much rhetoric, too much theory and too little money getting.

    • Bruh the man who points things out usually gets blamed when no one else saw it… so I’ll take the fault. LMBAO

      Once you’re smart enough to realize this is big charade you start to be quiet and move in silence. Not to hide from those with but to hide from those without! You start to hear all the contradictions in those who are only saying the smart thing and not actually doing the smart thing. You take solace in the peace you create for yourself and stare at the world and get out of their way as they hurry to nowhere. It’s all a game and the so-called Smart want to win and compete everyday to win it. But, those who really know just get in to get out what they need to do for self.

      We are all watching someone drown with their mouth open really trying to swallow all the water in the pool!

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