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When events happen everyone gets a little agitated and emotional. When it becomes more than just a event and becomes a sign of the times your emotion becomes something powers that be have to keep track of. In this life we live we have to deal with situations that can take us off track. We need to recognize, respond and move on without letting the current events mess up our long term plans. It’s just another day to most of us living a certain life and it’s shocking to those who don’t know what the fvck is going on! Enjoy



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  1. Got to your podcast late. Been busy,

    I’ve been avoiding that news ever since I was aware of it.

    I don’t really watch the news but I overheard people talking about the police shootings and what not.

    To me, I don’t want to dwell on it for so long that it affects my psyche and energy which plunges into depression.

    It’s fucked up what happened but I know I have little control over the outcome and that things like this will happen irregardless.

    It’s all about finding a way to live through it which is the hardest part.

    FYI a guy’s post actually got deleted on my Facebook for stating his whole thing on the incident and he had to repost it again. Just like you were talking about on the podcast.

    • We can’t do anything about it at this moment but, you shouldn’t feel weak or inferior behind it. My angle is to keep handling my business as I know what’s up from birth so why would the devil surprise me.

      People are using Facebook to fire people now as there isn’t any freedom when it comes to speaking out on certain things. Its the time of Aliases if you really want to speak your mind!

      • Yep, dude had to edit the post right after it was deleted. I kind of heard it before but I always thought that guys were trying to get more likes or brownie points.

        That was really the first time seeing it first hand. Crazy.. even on Facebook.

  2. There’s only three ways to end conflict: 1.) Democracy, 2.) Politics and 3.) War. You can’t force someone to be democratic, they have to want to give it to you. You can’t politic with someone with every advantage. You can’t war with someone with every advantage.

    If blacks want different, the focus shouldn’t be on black lives mattering because to whom are your lives supposed to matter? The oppressor or the sympathizer? In either case there’s little to gain for them.

    Blacks need to build the infrastructure for a self-sufficient nation. There are ways to do this; the question is whether it is valuable enough to the people to commit it. If not, the begging of the masses to an uncaring master is what will continue.

    • Only Soldiers and Mercenaries want War so ask yourself out of all the people talking this shit which one are built like that! The ineffectuals think politics and that’s why they run to control parts of Masters Land but never the whole kingdom. Finally, Democracy is a dream an agreed upon dream where we collectively believe these things should be done this way. Democracy is a system of Hope and rhetoric that we are in the best most fair system in the world. So everyone buys into that!

      It’s simple really when you think about it. Every BlackMan needs to think only of himself and build his independence. Those who have more can influence others and teach them to get it. As the numbers start to turn and more and more of our people are not under the thumb of others the next steps in our independence will be automatically revealed. You can promise a slave freedom when they are hungry, dependent and brainwashed. If all of us made sure we got out and made it our mission to help one more brother get out then we could end all this shit in 1 generation.

      No need for public displays of anything nor a reason to confront and challenge a devilish system. Take the freedoms that you have and take for granted and build on them. They are not scared of dumb Black people bitching, complaining and threatening the government. They are scared of quiet smart Black people and the evidence of that is they send the FBI and CIA to infiltrate those groups and its back in slave laws where they wouldn’t let us assemble without their presence. So ask yourself if History teaches us that what are all these dumb motherfvckers doing outside?

  3. This is nothing new, just the technology gives people direct sight into what goes on.

    Protesting does not solve the problem. It only highlights that there is a problem. Same with marching or any other outside activity. And they will let black people march and protest all day because that does nothing to the structure itself.

    Black people are attacked and brutalized because we do not have economic footing of our own, which leads to black people being politically weak. Other groups are much less politically involved, at least in out front, yet are protected to a certain degree from the extent of police brutality faced by black people. Because they have a viable sub-economy and they can punish America economically.

    A black merchant class is needed to do the same. When blacks can shop with, employ and educate their own, the impact of racism will drop significantly. But if someone can abuse you and you still show up have to show up for work, you still have to buy from them and you still have to send your kids to their schools, then you’re at their mercy.

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