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It’s one thing to imagine being in someone else’s position its a whole other to advise how to use their gifts. It’s always has been funny/irritating to me how people who haven’t done what you do somehow have advice on how to do what you do even better. Sure you can say they are just trying to be helpful but, if you don’t do it then they go down the road of hate. If I Were You comes from a dark place that’s embedded in jealousy and resentment. That place is where cowards go and curse the gods on how you just seem to waste what they would’ve died to have.

Beware, that phrase isn’t helpful it’s a warning sign.




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  1. Yea Freeman another EPIC , l had to marinate on this one a few times!!!. Had people telling me my price was too high when i’m moving it at half price already. Had cats telling me I shuld sell xyz while i’m doing good with my current product. Evertime my thirdeye registered the soft-hate but I couldnt quite place it. Seem like if they keep asking questions but aint doing sh*t themselves it’s hate on a sectrum . Its Hurry u and buy over everything! SALUTE

    • Bruh, in this PG life no one tells you exactly what they mean so soft-hate is expressed through a lot of encouraging statements. People tell you your closed minded because you don’t follow their approach or advice. It’s all a soft form of hate because realistically homie why are they so worried about you and your hustle. It’s not like they were doing it before you right?


  3. Thanks for the podcast. You’re right that people love to tell you what you should do. Then you look at their lives and notice that they haven’t accomplished anything. But, then there are people that offer advice and when you follow it and succeed then they stop speaking with you. Btw, your podcasts helped me see people and things differently. I recently dropped a book and I would like to send you a copy. Then, I’m dropping the movie.

    • It’s definitely a Catch 22 as it’s funny to watch people give you advice overall.

      I would love to read the book brother so just email me or provide me a link on backchannels via facebook and I’ll check it out. Keep pushing the movie

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