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With chips exploiting a opportunity is like finding a way to make money where no one else has.. striking gold. In life exploiting a person is grossly taking advantage of them to the point where outside people would think you are evil. But, since we are all good people we don’t use exploit we use the phrase take advantage of. In this game the lines are blurred and you’ll find out how others have been exploiting you when you thought you were taking advantage of a situation.

Exploitation: the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work.



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  1. How do you prevent doing the same thing to your employees that they’e done to you? I thought about that in detail and the only answer that makes sense both to my business and the guy working for me is to do one of two things:

    1.) Promote him to a leadership position in my business where he manages a different location (again, no different than training him to take over a franchise/satellite locale)

    2.) Willfully put him up on game with the agreement that after a certain amount of tutelage he’s free to open up shop elsewhere (sounds a little territorial)

    • …And by ‘they’ I mean your former employers, mentors, etc.

      • Simple bruh, treat your company as a transitional place. You know people are going to leave and you know you aren’t going to pay them 100k. So if you let them know the limits of pay and your expectations they’ll leave when it’s time and they won’t stick around since they know you told them upfront.

        The only people that get mad at you are the ambitious and the lazy. The ambitious think you are a liar as they could’ve shoved on and the lazy are mad because they expect something for nothing. The rest of your employees simply want a good environment to work in and if you can do that they’ll stay around.

        Overall just tell people where they stand and where you stand and let them decide on their own. That’s better than saying you have a review and realistically you are stalling and lying to give them a bullshit raise. If you persist with the bullshit all you’ll have left is the defeated and the weak and your company will collapse from them.

  2. Whoa, black lives matter is run by a white person. Interesting smh, you learn something new everyday.

    Exploitation is a bitch. There’s a reason why so many people get burned out after working their jobs in the afternoon or in their autumns of their careers whether in entertainment or in their jobs.

    If one really enjoyed what they did everyday, no matter how long or how hard it is during the process, you would still enjoy it irregardless because it doesn’t feel like work.

    It’s almost like the devil made it to exploit people to take the most out of them and thus make it beneficial for them and create the illusion that they are benefiting the workers.

    But most don’t really get that they’re exploited until it reaches a boiling point.

    • The game is the game so you just have to be aware of someone taking it too far. Exploitation is the complete raping and buy in by a slave. The majority of people who say this is a good job are being exploited. Cuz, that only means the pennies the master gives is enough for me to live on without asking for more. In other words the exploitation sweet spot!

  3. Hey Freeman,

    I’m looking for a good book to read on chips (I know in R&G 1.0 you had a section of recommended books); any new additions?

    • Nope as I’m knee deep in writing and starting a couple of businesses online. So I’m to too busy at this moment.

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