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Throw it out and I mean throw it all out. You don’t accumulate knowledge, you apply knowledge. In this day and time someone has told you prepare yourself for greatness. So it’s considered smart or prudent to accumulate all the stuff you need after you so called blow up. The problem is your mindstate is all fvcked up because you’ve been so sure you’re going to make it that you forgot to make it.



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  1. I definitely understand the idea of throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to money getting because 99% of what’s told and sold is rhetoric, not actual, factual detail on how to proceed. If authors and motivational speakers did that–cut out the fat and actually sold the meat–their books and seminars would be dramatically shorter and there’d be no repeat customers.

    I believe that the primary reason there isn’t more blacks out here getting it for themselves is every dollar that cross their path is a dollar to either eat or self-medicate with. That same dollar that goes to your lights can’t go to a hustle and the sense of hopelessness that comes about because of the realization that you’re barely surviving puts a huge damper on your spirits.

    That’s why the weekends are often filled with booze, promiscuity and reckless spending. But again, everything I’m saying could be filed under that same category of non-contextual rhetoric. The only way I see making it is if you change your mindset on the ugly parts of the grind–yes, you may miss out on the party Saturday night because you’re worn out from hustling all Saturday morning but when you’re able to flip that money into bigger money, isn’t it really worth the sacrifice?

    • Exactly! If you got exactly what you need you would graduate and the Master would just become a teacher.

      Poor people are the biggest Hustlers of all time because Hand to Mouth is the ultimate reason to make money. Uneducated people don’t know how to build a foundation so they never come up. Educated people don’t know how to hustle so they never get the engine started. While survival is obstacle it’s also the impetus as it was for me and still is for me.

      The mentality has to change and be taught in elementary school. You can’t wait for a Man who doesn’t believe in himself to decide it’s time to get off the plantation. We all see it, we all know where we’ll end up but; few take a chance. The kids will think it’s normal and plan for it so we replace the job mentality with the business mentality.

      You can’t teach a old dog new tricks and in this game you get old somewhere around 21!

  2. The best teacher is experience. No one can teach you each and every thing you need to know. They can only tell you how they got it….if they even got it. But even then, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it the same exact way. It might be similar, but there will probably be tweaks. Even if someone gives you the blue print, you still need to execute and make the adjustments when needed.

    I don’t get why people are so scared to just open an Ebay account and try selling something. Get a Resale or Sales tax license and buy something from a wholesale shop for cheap and put that thing on Ebay and see if it flips. Then try another product and see what works.

    Take some old stuff from around the house and put it on Craig’s List.

    Rent a table at a weekend flea market and sell some cupcakes.

    Doing any of that will teach you more than a book.

    People act like they’re going to die by selling something instead of buying something. Some people really think being a seller is some magic trick…like they can’t just go online, get a license, buy some wholesale products (the Asian brehs got them in every city) and try flipping something.

    • In the bigger picture only 10% of every race is usually in business so that leaves the other 90% to be workers. So although it seems to make a couple of bucks to get the engine going is simple in reality only a few take it on.

      Study long Study wrong is easy to understand but for the grand majority of us we take pride in knowing a lot and doing a little. Bruh I learned a long time ago that people want you to hold their hands…. that’s why MLM”s work and franchises.

      The goal of the podcast was to let everyone know it’s better to just jump out there than to mess around and try to perfect it. I was the same way at one time until I really said Fvck it and stepped out and adjusted on the fly.

      I often ask myself is it motivation they seek or is it the information. I guess from my life experiences I didn’t know what to do so I push that angle. But, I find it to exhausting to try to push the button of the masses to move. Its as tough a task to me like producing a hit crossover record!

      • A little of both. I think most people want the information but don’t think it’s solid because they haven’t seen anyone do it before them. When you go outside and see the essay potnas selling elote by the cup for $2.00 when it really cost them less than $.50 a cup you’re like “I’d get down but I don’t have that infrastructure and customer base to sell to”.

        It’s that dumbass religious ideology of being led somewhere that has us blacks believing that any information given by a black person is somehow wronger than the same game given by a white person.

        Just like you said Freeman, we gotta throw the bullshit out with the baby and show our young that them chains ain’t money, them cars ain’t money, being asshole to eyeballs in debt ain’t money and having a harem ain’t money either–having cash in hand is the only money that matters.

        A little off topic but I came across a documentary about the bodybuilder Kai Greene that I think’s really appropriate to this conversation; early in it he’s talking about what the game is really about: stringing together consecutive days of effective action.

        • The video looks like my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I too prepare all my meals so I can get set into a disciplined day. It’s the same with my workouts and I agree with him that it feels like I missed something.

          You do the things you can do to the best of your ability!

          I think the average person lacks basic self discipline but I know by talking money sooner or later you will force yourself into that discipline. By chasing chips the average will stop messing up theirselves and thus refine and develop theirselves to achieve their goals.

          So maybe I go about it backwards but I know no one but the truly disciplined starts off that way.

  3. I used to think I had to go to business school back in high school (which I got accepted into) to learn about what to do in business but I switched over to university as I thought what is the point of an MBA. I mean, it “looks good” on paper but it’s all theory taught by guys who probably haven’t hustled not once in their lives or even started a business.

    Nothing against them but Hell, as I look back on it, I probably know a little more bare knuckles business/hustle practice as I was testing and trying in high school and still am at times.

    It’s sad because a lot of these business professors at these business schools like Hult International or at my college would be instantly be billionaires.

    I think some people don’t understand that just because someone is a “business consultant or guru” doesn’t mean they should be consulted about how to make money and start a business. And that accumulating knowledge from such without application is even worse. It’s basically knowledge sitting in your brain and a waste of time almost.

    • Now I’m not against a MBA as you are forced to read advanced level business books which most will not read without school. So while a MBA is great for a job only a focused person can take that advance degree and create a business for theirselves. It’s different than getting a law degree which enables you to practice law.

      Once you realize these professors have not even 1/10th of the money they advocate you discount what they are talking about. Same as a financial advisor and a stock broker who isn’t rich you wonder why would you listen to them. If anyone is schooled in the fundamentals of business there should be something to show for it. Even a kid applies knowledge from the lemonade stand and starts to sell other shit in their teenage years.

      So ask yourself how can someone with no knowledge make money while someone with all the knowledge has a job? Once you understand that it makes no sense you’ll stop believing in people who read some shit and don’t benefit from it. Even a kid benefits from reading as they say the word over and over and try to put it in a sentence and then tries to assimilate it into their natural vocabulary.

      What are they teaching you?

  4. A realtor buddy sent me this and I thought my brothers at the R&G might profit from it:

    Interesting when you see that the recession is a time-honored tradition in which the informed get richer and the buyer gets suckered in trying to life his dream within a system.

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