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If we all stop believing then the system will collapse. What they bank on is you following a set of rules forever and saying that’s the way life is and then going out to reinforce that on others that follow. But, if we know the game from the beginning its hard to CON-vince us that they are the truth and they know better. They keep certain mentalities out of the mainstream as it will upset the system aka cause revolution. ENJOY!



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  1. Much needed reminder, especially when you said “They don’t want a disciplined cat from the bottom”. I have been slacking on the hustle, buying shit I didn’t need overall doing everything you warned us against in the Full Circle podcast. Need to get back on top of things.

    Regarding the small hustles to avoid taking small business loans here’s an idea; sell cover-ups for women’s swimsuits works as well as the earphones hustle.

    • In order for a system to exist and persist the majority of people have to believe and if you don’t they have to be punished in public to make the cowards see the consequences. The other way of making it is never stressed since they didn’t rely on that system. So naturally they don’t want it. And, if some of us make it they make it look like we are all fvcked up in a way that no one wants to copy. The undisciplined life looks fun but only ends in death. So for the disciplined from the bottom we represent a real threat.

      Bruh we all have ups and downs. The turtle laughs at the rabbit as he slowly walks by him. But, the rabbit only let the turtle catch up because he was running so fast he sprained his ankle. Once the ankle heals he’ll run by the turtle again. So our failures while trying to run are temporary.

  2. What up Freeman,

    I just came across your podcasts and seeing how I don’t have any OGs to ask, I thought I’d ask you for advice:

    I’m 34 and have pretty much bullshitted through my life so far. I don’t have any kids but I don’t have any direction either and it’s wearing on me something fierce. One of my favorite podcasts you did was that passion for the chips where you said you don’t have a passion for painting or rapping or anything like that, only to get the money.

    I want the money too but I have no idea how to get it. I identified with you on that because I don’t ‘love’ anything and am willing to do just about anything to get it.

    Right now I’m working temp customer service jobs for $12/hr and barely making rent and bills. It’s getting longer and longer between assignments and I know eventually I’m gonna be out of the loop. I know I got that knack as you call it, but I don’t have any real ideas on how to get to the next level of money.

    I bought your book Dollar Fifteen and am looking for something that I can both learn to get a trade/profession job relatively quick and eventually turn into a cash flow to put into rental properties or a brick and mortar business.

    I just need a little guidance because I don’t know where else to look or what else to do. I feel trapped in this mediocre existence and would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

    • Welcome KevG, if you can get into the paralegal profession you can make chips fast. Since you are temping you should reach out to a legal temp agency and see if you can start in there and get the knowledge needed to be a paralegal. Get a license that insures you have money.

      At the same time you start a ebay business. Basically you get crap at yard sales and you look them up real quick on your phone to see what they are selling phone on ebay. You get yourself as many items for cheap and then passively sell them on ebay.

      Lastly, bruh you aren’t dead so stop thinking about what you aren’t or could’ve been. You clean and good to go so make sure you concentrate on finishing whatever you start. So whatever you choose just finish it and don’t worry about the rest of your life. Get in a lane and go.

      Since you have the D15 book just skills homie with a certificate or license is your strongest move. Break backs and necks to get a license in something so if you want to move to another state you can. The license is step 1 in this game and the business is Step 2 when you are starting off from the bottom.

      • Thanks for the insight. I’m gonna look up on the paralegal thing this week. You seem to be a disciplined person; were you always like that? Or was it something that you had to teach yourself? If you did have to teach it to yourself, what’s your schedule like? Last question–you mentioned in one podcast that you learned about your current biz while in law school; did you specifically look for businesses requiring a license? Or did an OG put you on game?

        • I wasn’t always disciplined but I was always focused. Growing up poor I couldn’t afford to waste my steps so every risk I took had to pay literally. I stumbled into Int’l Trade by taking a data entry job on a graveyard shift. I was doing it before Law School so I went back to it once I realized I could make money faster than the BS every in school was talking about.

  3. The whole rapper thing is almost funny and concerning to me. There’s nothing wrong with having friends of other ethnicities (i do too) but it’s like damn lol.

    Do they really not want to be associated with their own people once they reach a certain level? I kinda get why from their POV but looking from the outside, I don’t get it and think it’s stupid.

    The whole discernment thing comes with being fucked over in the past as you mentioned. I kinda used to think at times that questioning one’s motives or having a bit of paranoia around new people meant that I probably needed to see a shrink. But as I get older, I’m starting to think of it as more of a blessing than a curse especially when it’s most needed.

    But I think in a world where people aren’t as upfront as they used to be, it’s an must have trait to have. It’s almost like an art. Too much paranoia (to me) keeps you from living life and too much trust leaves you exposed.

    • The rappers associate other groups with money and that’s why they name them like look at me I’m rolling with the Jews, Arabs and anyone else who has money.

      Discernment is a gift that makes you think you’re paranoid. I could always feel evil in people and all kinds of energy and used to separate myself. As you said no one is telling you the truth so you have to rely on your 3rd eye and keep your distance.

  4. freeman how do you get out of the 9to 5 mindset. what i mean is i dont have job but i go to school everyday bascially like working a job. And when weekend comes i get tired from school i fuck off that time i could be building. how did you get out that mindset like everybody else where they have fun weekend and go to back to work give energy to that i wanna be able to use that time wisely.

    • If you can switch your classes to later afternoon evening and that way you’ll wake up with energy and time to grow your own empire. But, you have to sacrifice a bit of your afternoon.

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