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It’s natural to look up to people and even more natural to idolize them when they seem to have all the answers. But, in this chip game idolatry is dangerous as the angle is what you admire and the person is flawed. Since it’s easier to make humans follow a Man rather than the Word you have idols to string you along. When you look up to a person ┬áit means you are beneath them in some fashion or form. The only issue is when you look up to a person and he blocks the GOD above and the GOD within. ENJOY!






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  1. Many people link the person with the information they get from the person. So, they start to idolize and idealize the person giving them the information. And then start to look to the person as the way, the truth and the light. Instead of respecting the person for dropping the information and relying on the information.

    This is why people get hurt when they find out their pastor cheated on his wife. Or their mentor is an alcoholic. Or their favorite professor likes to watch animal porn. Because they put their faith in the person instead of the information.

    It’s like Dr. John Henrik Clarke would say, “Bury the man, continue the plan.”

    That’s what has and continues to draw me to the RnG and the Dollar 15 book. The information. The podcasts and the articles.

    Hey, you bringing the articles back? Those were just as informational as the podcasts.

    • I have been one that has been disappointed in my life when I thought these kats knew more. So I push this same message down everyone’s throats so they don’t get disappointed in me. Now I’m not watching animal porn but I am pretty anti-social in the whole scheme of things aka what normal people do. I have been bombarded with people asking me why I don’t make seminars and do a Ustream show or at least set up some phone conferences. I just know to stay in my lane of what’s comfortable to me and I know that rubs people the wrong way. If I told you I don’t eat pork but all you eat is pork you’ll say this mfer here trying to be Muslim or healthy. When in reality I don’t do a whole bunch of shit that got nothing to do with religion but more to do with my independence. So Idolizing people has drawbacks not from just being a savior but also from just not doing what other people do.

      Bruh, my goal is to fully get R&G 2.0 back to full power but I am beyond busy this year… so it ain’t right now it’s been the whole year. The articles usually come when I have time to sit down and ponder so without that time the podcasts have been the compromise.

  2. I was thinking about this not too long ago: people either sell you the dream or the nightmare but never the sleep you so desperately need. I mean, there are so many books and eLearning courses, rap songs and movies that people look to for some sort of clue to the game and end up still sitting in anticipation of the sequel.

    In thinking about this, I’ve actually changed my life study habits: while I was never big on fiction, I’ve cut down on the rhetoric-filled books without clear purpose. If your book doesn’t tell me, in detail, how to do a specific thing, I’m cool big homie.

    • Growth brother as there is no need for inspiration if you have the information. Once you reach the next level of life you stop being fooled by good sayings and spiritual hymns.

      But, the sad fact is most of the books and information out there is all bullshit. It tells you a cake was baked without the ingredients. You admire the Hustler without knowing how he hustled.

      Its the American Dream to promise you it’s out there and the American Nightmare to have the lost constantly looking for it and never finding it.

  3. Freeman would you say cut the amount of you listen to and just learn trial by error. Because i seem to have that problem. I listen to a different people and sometimes i feel i need to turn off it off and listen my own institutions. The have good points and advice but i find listing to them every week. Do you i should go without listing and how i do on my own

    • Put them in their right place. They supplement what you are doing but they dont tell you what to do. So go for your own angle and then listen to what others say for perspective. Otherwise you turn into the congregation listening to the preacher for the good word and never knowing the Bible.

  4. I think some people don’t know how to separate the message from the messenger and get caught up in thinking that the man should be held in higher regard than the message being presented.

    If someone gives me advice on how to make a million then great. Kudos to him but that doesn’t mean that their personal habits are appealing to me to follow in my life especially if they conflict with what I personally find immoral and deem as structurally moral.

    If anything that’s the thing that should be avoided.

    Just because your favorite celeb wakes up at 4 am and gets three hours of sleep to be at his/her best at a shoot or in the during a scene does not mean it works for everyone.

    Not everything one man does personally in his life works for the next man.

    • Whenever you read a book that pretty much tells you this guy did this and that guy did that; you should expect nothing to build with. Success isn’t a Noun it’s a Verb so if you are presented with a Noun (person, place or thing) its worthless.

      We all need to stop looking for a savior and just get the pattern. There are a lot of twisted people in this world and as you succeed you’re going to run into a lot of them. That’s how I know GOD didn’t give game to some and leave out others. Too many Devils in money for GOD to grant their wishes.

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