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This Blogcast has been a long time coming. I usually don’t elaborate on relationships but, this time it relates to chips and how it’s slowing a lot of us down. When anyone makes money all of the relationships around them change. And, while this change might be a shock to a lot of you it’s really to be expected. After this you’ll understand why you sound like a Loser and why you should just stop all conversations that sound you don’t like how women are coming up in the world! ENJOY!



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  1. It’s an interesting dynamic: as a man, I don’t want to be carried by my woman but I don’t want a woman whose biggest aspiration in life is to be a mother. People tend to celebrate the mundane aspects of life and it’s nuts to me to think that a person of worth who KNOWS better would cow to their primitive needs.

    • I think most brothers fail to realize that able bodied women don’t think being a nurturer is the full use of their talents. Sure a lot of women want children but, Men have children too and no one thinks they need to stop their dreams because of them.

      Black Men failures in life should stay with them and not become the burdens of their wives. What we have now is a whole bunch of losers asking a winner to support. Gender in that case is irrelevant as no one wants to support a loser.

      When a Man loses in life he blames everything but himself! He has to fight through the losses instead of asking someone to sympathize with them.

      • Good Podcast.

        The only thing though is you have a lot of men out here actually working or building a business and have girlfriends or wives who still nag because their man isn’t making the amount of money they think he should be making. He could be making good money but since he is making what she wants him to make right now she has a problem. So it’s not necessarily that he isn’t doing anything it’s just he isn’t doing the things that she expects.

        So the question becomes is she pushing him to be great or is she pushing him so he can work purely for her benefit.

        • Any Man who realizes that the woman with him only wants him to provide more to her should get out of that relationship. If a Man is doing his best and the advice or nagging ain’t insight but bullshit for a fight then you have to get out of that relationship.

          We all have to learn that we can’t satisfy someone who is never satisfied. Any Man that stays around after realizing this is truly her angle to you is a fool.

  2. It’s funny when I hear dudes saying a woman needs to recognize his potential and date based on that. But the question becomes, should a dude date a woman based on her potential? Date her on her potential to be able to cook? Date her on her potential to be able to clean or make a home? Something tells me those same dudes want proof of what she brings to the table. But don’t want to be held to the same standard.

    Like you said, dudes can just leave the situation if she’s outta pocket. If you’re showing and proving your value and she doesn’t accept it, bounce. That’s not every woman, or every black woman. That’s her and you act accordingly.

    Besides, what I’ve come to realize is that most of the women these dudes are talking about aren’t even doing anything major. They just have jobs, places to live and regular cars. But because these dudes are so low on the totem pole of life, it seems these chicks are doing a lot and rub their face in it. But the same chicks will be on some Stepford Wife sh#t for a dude whose doing equal or better than her.

    I’ve literally had dudes talk about how chicks need to treat them like this or that and these dudes live at home. How you going to tell a chick “I’m a man” and you’re 32 years old living at home with your mom working as a 3rd shift security guard with no concrete plans for making your life better? Dudes can’t even lead themselves into an apartment but want women to bow down LMAO!

    • Bruh a Loser wants to be a Winner and if he can’t make the world he lives in a winning situation he comes back to his Woman for that Mom Shit “you’ll always be a winner to me baby”

      The game is simple and it’s gender neutral. Anyone with Money will start to demand the best in every aspect of their life. They have the money to get out of any situation that they find to be beneath them or will ultimately hurt them. In the past women had no money so they took a lot of shit from men in general. Now the times have changed and we have grown men crying at the bar talking about this woman is a bitch.

      In all walks of life there is a Above, Average and Below. When you meet someone who is above they demand above or they are merely tricking on you. Now Men can’t get this through their head that women fall under this same rule. We all want to feel like they can’t live without us and they don’t need us…. but, they don’t need a loser when they are winning. Like I tell people homie… GO FISH!

  3. The whole character or potential thing is basically null argument. They know that they aren’t bringing anything to the table so they have to focus on that because they don’t have anything.

    I do think that there are an awful lot of women on some I got a degree in communications, a condo and a car and some middle management job who think that they are balling out of control. Their shit is straight average and they’re acting like their CEOs. Attractiveness is important to men and a lot of the women that I just mentioned are just average to flat out busted and they want the shit that they have to outweigh the fact that a lot of dudes really aren’t checking for them like that.

    Finally, we’ve got to be honest that when it comes to the black community there are women who deliberately pick guys who don’t have it together because they want the ability to have total control and play victim when things aren’t going the way that they want. They meet a dude who’s on their level and above and they get shook because the man has options and most of their game flat out won’t work with a brother in that position.

    • Bruh, what others do or the trends of women are irrelevant overall. My podcast’s point was for Men to accept personal responsibility and not form groups of people who are losing in life. What kind of man tells you he lost his dog, his girl, car got stolen, lost his job, lost his ID… a mawfvckin loser! So why would a man admit to other men and advocate against women overall when no one but another loser understands his pain.

      Men are turning to support groups and finding like minded losers to vent to. WHY? Damn do brothers have any pride anymore to keep shit to theirselves. I lost but I ain’t opening up to kats about it. I chalk it up to the game and keep building and moving…

      Why can’t these same brothers just walk away from the women and say she’s crazy or I can’t fvck with her? Why would anyone feel the need to actually advocate to expose Black women and their failings? I know I come from a different way of life but to me all this shit is weakness. Move ON BLACKMAN Move ON!

  4. Real Talk.

    Dudes don’t tell the truth. I lost my first wife from losing. Immature not growing up and being inconsistent with the chips. She left for good reason and my lack of discipline. They are waiting for us to lead and we act like we doing them a favor by breathing. Hard enough for our sisters to have to do double time in working and having to motivate us. I’m raising my kids, changed my approach to life accepting that the creator put you here to do something- do it – and moved on but as a black male you kinda need to realize that we are failing these women by not building or building foolishness. They desperately want us too lead. I learned that. Thanks for the game as always.

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