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Good Ventilation lets a lot of steam out of the machine that makes the whole thing go. This is just a podcast with me Venting as sometimes I got a thought on my mind and the Blogcast is the vent so that I can keep the R&G going. ENJOY!




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  1. I look forward to choosing what I’m burdened by and ridding myself of encumbrance so every action I take has meaning. Good show Freeman.

    • Believe me once you taste Freedom you will make the necessary sacrifices to make sure you never go back to the plantation. I operate as a free agent while I build my empire so that allows me to walk away and return whenever I may need it.

      • In operating as a free agent, how do you keep the devils from conspiring against you? Being in the same industry, you know they’ll pass info and whatnot. How do you leave without burning bridges?

        • I always make allies with who is next in charge. If you save enough people’s ass when they get in charge they look you up. You’ll run into the same people in other places and they’ll cosign you.

  2. It’s all the extra sh#t that makes it rough. Not the actual work. Just do the work, plug your ear buds in and knock it out.

    Stuff like quarterly, mid year and end of year reviews. And meetings and conference calls about nothing. Then office politics. People want to know who you are, what you like to do, why you seem so quiet, why you don’t go to happy hour with them, etc. And you have to keep side-stepping the lame sh#t.

    All the posturing. All the “well, this is the Assistant Vice President of the Mail Sorting.”

    It’s worse when you’re actually an employee as opposed to a contractor. When you contract, you just do a job and have a contractual side step to all the office sh#t. When you’re an employee, you become “part of the team.” LMAO

    • Bruh, once you know, YOU KNOW! I’m trying to make money in the purest form and that’s little to no interaction with people… all machines. Just call me the vending machine as I’m trying to supply and hide. Own 1000 machines and no one puts together that I am pulling a quarter million off of quarters.

      Even contracting has it’s drawbacks. I always get the prove I’m worth me not assigning this to one of my employees angle. Man if they only knew I don’t give a fvck about youuuuu!

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