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Becoming a Liar in this game is very necessary. ¬†After all hasn’t everything and everyone you have worked with in the dealings of money been part of some sort of angle to get you to accept less or pay more? This right here will change the way you think about the chip game and also arm you if you have been losing in it to this point. The BoyScout in you is about to get shot down because on Scouts Honor someone created that your whole troop to get you to believe in bullshit. ENJOY!




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  1. I think once you get some experience in the corporate and business world, you start to realize that lying is just part of the game. Employers lie to you when you interview, when you start working and when you leave. Businesses lie to customers, lie to suppliers and lie to their employees.

    It’s funny how the Average Joe is socially engineered to think morally when the society around him is based on lies and deceit. People really believe the game is meant to be fair. And scratch their head when they’re being fair and don’t get ahead. The people who created the game told you to play fair while they lie, cheat and steal in order to make sure the game goes in their favor.

    I remember talking to my girl about how she was afraid to embellish her credentials on her resume to command a higher salary. She was afraid they were going to check her background to confirm. I let her know that she shouldn’t worry because they’re lying to her when they tell her the job entails A, B and C. Because as soon as she gets comfortable, they’re going to add D, E and F with no conscience about it.

    Aint no such thing as morality in the chip chase

  2. No Morality at all! Just those who understand the game and those who get pimped by it. They start us all with that boy scout shit so they can trust us before the game corrupts us.

    It’s a constant stream of Suckers who fall for the BS and then they teach us to be just like them so in the end you can’t trust your own brother. But, that’s a lack of understanding as the money is what you can’t trust and the devil comes in all colors.

  3. Lol 8-5. I didn’t know work starts at 8 now. Guess the plantation life is constantly evolving.

    So what you’re saying is if you need a job or a business opportunity to get some extra money on the side then lying is acceptable as long as it sounds reasonable and not far off.

    I feel like i’m a bunch of years behind just by not “lying” about my experience for certain jobs or opportunities that came my way.

    • Some places on the East Coast Mid Atlantic still work the 9 to 5!

      You’re lying to get ahead and they’re lying to keep you behind. So when you look at it from a business point of view your embellishment of the truth for a desired real money end is justified.

      You’re not far behind you’re just hearing someone tell you to stop accumulating Boy Scout Badges as the Devil sees a sucker coming.

  4. I’ve had to tell my people time & time again that the WHOLE WORLD lies to you. They want to believe they are getting a great deal at the drive-thru or Wal-Mart…and that’s the beauty of the hustle = to make you think you are winning when you are really losing.

    Not to be sexist but this is really prevalent with women…I guess that’s why 75% of the marketing it done towards them. My wife is always giving me the side-eye when I make a deal, on some “You didn’t have to charge them THAT much” type of ish. I always have to remind her nobody else cares about what they charge us when we are in the store – why should we? Apple Execs aren’t sitting at home thinking they should be cheaper for their consumers. Smh…Cant live with…you know the rest.

    Great drop Freeman!

  5. I learned this lesson when I was 17 and was working importing overalls for Gap. I remember looking at the paperwork and noticing they were buying them for 3 bucks. My girl at the time worked at the gap and they were selling them for 40 bucks. I said even when they got them on sale I’m getting dicked.

    “to make you think you are winning when you are really losing” is the ultimate key to anyone selling anything. Once you understand that you stop getting happy about Black Friday or day after Christmas sale. All these terms like Rebate, End of Year, Under New Management, Clearing Inventory, Veterans Day Sale and If Martin Were Here Sales disappear and all you hear is bullshit!

  6. A lot of good game in this episode, fam! I appreciate your perspective.

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