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We all start out making a little of money and ¬†only have a few clients but, the idea and the business surely ain’t little. You started the business to make millions and ultimately become independent of others and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. So next time you hear yourself explaining your business to others make sure you aren’t embarrassed because ain’t nothing little about it. ENJOY!



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  1. I can’t front big homie, when asked about what I do I tone it down. Flipping websites for $100-$250 a pop ain’t a big hustle but the money was good when I needed it. You have a point in it’s not what you do but why you’re doing it that matters; that $20 could go into a bigger flip that could payout $100 and so on and so forth.

    Quick question: have you read The $100 Startup? That book talks a lot about what you’re touching on in this one and does a pretty good job detailing the idea of starting from nothing.

  2. I haven’t read the book but I’ll add it to the queue.

    The reason any person tries is to better their life so that’s not a small feat. Many people never try and think they are doing big shit. When it comes to money nobody out here playing around from the lemonade stand to flipping birds. So by its nature none of us (hustling) are doing anything small//little and definitely not to be ashamed/embarrassed of!

  3. I find myself doing this a lot – and I probably need to stop that. I just down-play what I do so that I can keep people out of my mix and most of the times it doesn’t matter…because those people usually dont execute well anyway.

    Good looking on this podcast playboy!

  4. A bit of an unrelated topic: I notice on the R&G FB page you post Minister Farrakhan quotes and other things related to the NOI movement; I haven’t done a lot of research on it and while some of the things I’ve come across ring true (especially in ‘How to Eat to Live’) I’m not quite sold on it as a belief system. I’d very much like to hear your insight on it from your perspective–not to blindly follow it because I appreciate your work–but because you seem a bit more traveled than myself and anyway I can improve myself I’m up for.

    I would’ve posted this to FB but I didn’t for two reasons:

    1.) I’m having a hard time trusting my information, the little I share, with them so I squashed it completely and
    2.) I want to show appreciation for your efforts by directly supporting you where you are and where you own your land, even if that’s a mere page click and comment.

    • I have a ton of respect for the NOI as a movement started by Black people and directly for Black people. As the Vanguard for Black people they play an important role in providing right information in the midst of capiltulating cowards who never say what they mean. So as it relates to the R&G if I think it’s pertinent I post it on Facebook. Since the Nation is considered taboo by the masses you don’t hear the wisdom on regular channels.

      It’s up to you to follow a person but to recognize truth requires nothing but your attention.

  5. Yea, I don’t understand how or why anyone would be embarrassed about making money, especially money that allows you to be independent of anyone. Hell, if selling water on the corner does that, then you figured out something that most people with PhDs couldn’t. And you’ve figured out something that even other people who sell water couldn’t.

    I’m still on the road to figuring it out, so if it makes money, I’m not too good for it.

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