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The shit is getting out of hand. I know most of you want to be treated fair. I know most of you want to make everything equal. I know most of you are tired of racism and want to make your race and culture blank so you have no beginnings. But, when you are actually asking to be treated fair in Sin you brainwashed motherfvckers have taken this shit a bit too far. ENJOY!



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  1. Most young black men are given the world before they’re given guidance on how to move within it. I saw my father and uncles drinking, smoking and womanizing from an early age and just like so many others thought that was the way to be. In my late teens and through my 20s I used to have a stray thought about how my life would’ve been better if my parents were white, the kind of upbringing I’d have and the place I’d be at in the world.

    It wasn’t until some years ago I brushed that thought off and started seeing that while trying to better myself was the motive I don’t have to be malicious about it. Why con someone when you can give them what they ask for at a reasonable price and build a constant source of income? Why run through a bevy of women for the kind of satisfaction that they can’t provide? There is a lot of grey area between immoral and righteousness including doing bad things for good reasons and vice versa and at the end of the day being able to look yourself in the eye is one of the most important things.

  2. Hate to say this but most of us just don’t get it. Nothing we do is ever good enough for whitefolk but we wanna be equal tho.

    And don’t even get me started on how we can be good without outside help like we was back in the day but most of us don’t wanna do the work…

  3. @Miles – You know when you’re a kid and you do wrong they take you to juvenile court. They take you there and work it out and never put it permanently on your record. Once you become a Man the world assumes you won’t do anything to bring harm to yourself. If so they need to protect the world from this devious grown man. We all go through this basic process whether we land in juve, jail or never get caught.

    Nowadays we have people who just want to be treated like they made a grown man mistake. They want to be treated in a system they know is not for them… fair. Then the weakness spreads to those who fight that system and they incorporate the mistakes of a Man into their platform of fighting the power.

    If you hopped a fence and didn’t know if a dog was on the other side that’s the risk you take by yourself. You don’t ask people to pass a law requiring dogs in backyards to be on a leash so your conniving trespassing ass doesn’t get bit! What we have here is lumping the criminal’s worries into those who strive to make some kind of fairness in a unfair system.

    In your case, just like me; you reach a level of maturity where you do no wrong. You don’t rule out wrong for the greater right but, even then you are tactical and will accept the consequences of your actions.

    @VDigital – Truth be told homie a lot of people in our race get those handouts and as such they need to be needy to receive the money. I ain’t trying to reach the masses as enough brothers doing their thing can change the minds of the lost. Power, Strength and Money influences most young men so if we do that in our own way they will follow.

    This podcast was to warn those marchers that some things they are marching for are misplaced. None of us want to be equal we really just want to be left alone. We want our freedom and independence to interpret the world the way we see fit. All this fighting for equal punishment is just stupid!

  4. This reminds me of the Starving podcast, except instead of poverty to riches it’s they so hungry to be somebody else, they’d follow the devil outta hell lol.
    I’m about to make a podcast called “Like What”

    lmao don’t mind me man I’m up since 4am jammin tracks trynna get a headstart on the sheep. I used to be a wannabe pimp in high school, but now I’m content with myself. But I realized there’s kind of a parallel between that life and building a business. You take an abundant resource for pennies like fruit that grows for free off the ground, break it down, add sugar, put a cute girl at your stand at the farmer’s market so the sheep say “Oh wow here’s $5”. Even moreso now, they got suckers saying “It’s Organic cold-pressed fruit juice?! Here’s $15, I need more!” One bottle bought me a lb of berries… “Are those vegan kosher non-gmo cookies?! OMG gimme some!!” Like yes, this green captainplanet kale powder is super and will cleanse your toxic liver from all these cookies I sell you $30 please, thank you lol

    If everybody didn’t want to be somebody else, it’d be HARD to be me. I know the game is rigged wtf you think I put the white girl in the juice bar for?! I think I love white people now lol

    Later Freeman!

    “How can you stay sucker free in a world of lollipops?”
    -circa 2005, Suga Free

    “Stack ya chips young patna”
    -circa 2007, Daniel Freeman

  5. There will be no equality in pleasure or in pain until one can come to the table with equal assets. Until the black population creates a black economy, which translates to a black political machine, there will continue to be injustice for blacks in this country. Period.

    Of course inequality is wrong. But marching and protesting won’t do a thing to stop it. One must focus on the root issue and attack that. And the root is that blacks do not currently have the proper mechanism to fight white supremacy, which is an economy that can house, clothe, feed, educate and employ black people en masse.

    When that’s done, racism will become like a fly buzzing around instead of a foot on the neck.

  6. Yo Freeman I’m revisiting the “buy the hood” podcast and I instantly noticed that you foreshadowed Tristan Walker and his Bevel razor company. Real recognize real and your consistency over the years is unshakable. Your POV is dead on. Thanks.

  7. Bruh, I just saw the opportunity out there specifically for products that target Black Men problems. I was happy when Bevel appeared as I actually bought it myself.

    If we keep our eyes open to opportunity you’ll see a whole bunch of businesses. The goal of the R&G is to get all of us to see it then we will control out own fate and stop asking to be under someone else.

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