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When you think about it everyone around you has told you to express yourself and this is usually through art and style. As a result when you think about expressing yourself through power a lot of the misguided do some creative symbolism. On the surface it looks like something is going to happen as people are marching and protesting.

In reality this will fade as an expression is just that an expression and only a fool expects something to come from a fvcking play!



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  1. What up Free, glad to have you back!
    I apologize the comment is out of scope but money calls; do you know the best manufacturer/country to source commercial furniture from?

  2. Always china for most of your furniture. If you look at Hon you’ll see they are manufactured in China. But, Taiwan and Korea also manufactur them. If you do some google searches in California around the City Of Industry CA they have a lot of importers who specialize in furniture. You might be able to get it from them or find out the manufacturer once you get a piece from them.

  3. Great podcast Freeman I’m learning it’s best sometimes best to be quiet and get the money…I once was brainwashed by Occupy Wallstreet BS I even made a sign…no power in that strategy Just gonna go for the chips Money is power

  4. 560 SL instrumentalšŸ‘šŸ½

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