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This story, fable or brainwashing way of acting has influenced many a person. Rather you know it or not you have been programmed to think slow and steady wins the race. You actually think to plan your life for years in advance is what a prudent, smart, intelligent person does.  In fact if you learned anything fast  or did anything fast your own parents were quick to tell you don’t be cocky.

You have been so brainwashed that you apply this stupid way of thinking to how you go about making money! ENJOY!




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  1. Exactly why I would hate sitting in on those 401k/benefits meetings. They try to talk you into living off 35k a year for the next 30 years & hopefully you not all flabby & sick at 65 when you can finally touch your own money.

  2. Everything is in the masters favor and the conditioning starts early. If someone doesn’t analyze how they are being screwed and why they think always being a team player is fair; they are doomed to that half-life. Usually the people saying it are purely the slaves too only the master knows the intent.

  3. Probably one of my favorite podcasts on here. Well maybe in the top 5 lol it’s a few on here I really like as well. But yea this one has me refocused on grinding. I’ve done more today in 3 hours then I have in the last 2 weeks. I now know, that moving slowly is dumb, and to be honest the mutha fucka who is speeding will catch up to your slow ass and pass you. While you still trying to put a plan together. It’s the same shit in the republican race. I’m just watching these fools try to adapt and come up with “plans’ to stop trump. (No I dont support the man but he is a beast and a bull and does what he wants like fuck the rules) Yet Trump has moved and will continue to move the way he wants and if his dumb ass can hustle millions of Americans then why can’t I hustle and offer something useful? No more turtle racing, I’m running with the rabbits.

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